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Global Cosmic Energy Meditations for Sale in our Shop

As I travel around the world there are more Earth and Cosmic Energies to be visited and assimilated into our psyche.

I've met, activated and listened to Ancient Stone Circles, Faery Folk in their Glens, Trees (forests), Rivers, Lemuria, Off-planet Guides, Loving Crystalline energies to name a few.

We can do this from anywhere in the world: we don't have to be in that specific area geographically to benefit.

I've done the travelling for you and invite you to enjoy these Guided Meditations of Earth Energies from around the world that I've recorded.

Here is some feedback from a happy client who bought three Guided Meditations:

"The meditations go very deep, felt them like activations. Not sure how to describe exactly but I felt that you open a portal and each has access to as much as can be granted for each individual at the time doing the meditation. 

You transmit in such an amazing form- unique"

You can buy them in our Shop

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