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Assorted Crystals


Cosmic chakra energy centres in the body connect us within and outwith to all aspects of the universe and upgraded consciousness. Chakras house the balance, energy, growth and connection to our spiritual growth. Learn to harness the strength and beauty of these wonderful cosmic energy centres
  • 9 chakras*, 9 lessons
  • find balance, health and vitality
  • spiritual growth and ascension

*Nine chakras are studied rather than the traditional seven, deepening your understanding, grounding and integration of chakra health, balance and ascension in the New World Consciousness


  • energy, vitality, balance, peace and clarity

  • ability to balance chakras yourself 

  • live a Higher Spiritual Purpose in day-to-day life

  • enhance spiritual, psychic and intuitive skills

  • maintain energy levels 

  • protect your energy

  • attract healthy, loving relationships

  • learn ascension, dimensions and vibrations

  • learn about more chakras in the body,

  • balance with global chakra on Mother Earth

  • study at your own pace integrating lessons

I feel a deep sense of peace. Wonderful and uplifting. Decision knots have shifted and a remembrance of who I am amidst it all

Energy & Psychic Healing

So many insights as I learn from this course. My intentions are purer with the energy knowledge.

Crystal Consciousness Practitioner Training

An incredible course, I was amazed what could be cleared, activated and changed. Anyone doing this course will be so lucky

Course Structure

Lesson 1: Earth Star and Soul Star Chakra - Grounding, Balance and Stable Divine Connection
Lesson 2: Mulidhara - Root Chakra: Beliefs, security and financial perspectives
Lesson 3: Svaddhistana -  Sacral Chakra: Creativity, Relationships with ourself and others
Lesson 4: Manipura -  Solar Plexus Chakra: WillPower, confidence and empowerment
Lesson 5: Anahata - Heart and Higher Heart Chakra: The Love vibrations and Higher Purpose
Lesson 6: Vishudda - Throat Chakra: Hearing, listening and authentic communication
Lesson 7: Ajna - Third Eye Chakra: Instincts, wisdom and psychic skills
Lesson 8: Sahasrara - Crown Chakra: Divine Connection
Lesson 9: More Chakras in our body and around the world

chakras sanskrit no words.jpg

How it works

What you get


  • lifelong access to resources

  • study at your own pace integrating lessons

  • downloadable guides

  • videos

  • Guided meditations

  • tutor access

  • Guided Meditations

  • ancient Indian Sound Healing practices: bija mantras, chanting and affirmations

  • energy strengthening tools: mudras, bandhas

  • crystal wisdom

  • information videos

  • yoga based movements

  • Self Reflection exercises track progress

  • fun quizzes, Q+A

  • strengths, qualities, weaknesses and im/balances

  • downloadable guides

  • learn sanskrit

  • strong healthy aura & torus field

  • stay balanced through life

  • create vitality

  • healthy loving relationships

  • clearer energy channels

  • develop psychic and intuition skills

  • revisit anytime 

  • understand yourself better

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