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New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation

" Love in our Hearts, Energy in our Hands "

Gain Accredited Energy Healer Practitioner Training


There are two courses that can be offered:

  1. Basic Master (Energy Healer Practitioner Training) 2 days

  2. Basic Master TEACHER TRAINING (Qualified to Train other Practitioners) 2/3 days

NPMDT Q&A (at bottom of the page)

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What is New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation (NP-MDT) ?


NPMDT is harmony, balance and love: LOVE, without conditions, for yourself, and for humanity, and FREEDOM, to know who you are, to step into your own Power, and to step into your own Mastery.


Working with this energy is a way to self-empowerment, and healing.


NPMDT workshops consist of clearing meditations, followed by activations to connect with these energies. On a practical level, as a healing therapy, NPMDT is very simple to learn and to use, yet can be very powerful, and very effective. Here's a great explanation from Founder John Armitage

1) Basic Master ENERGY HEALING PRACTIONER Course Details:

A Powerful High Vibrational Energy System of Empowerment & Mastery. Live in 5D and beyond. Master your energy and step into Freedom. Freedom from Fear.

  • Work with the Ascended Masters, St Germain, Diamond Light,

  • Embody Higher Realms in the Earthly world

  • Love without Conditions - Heal yourself and others+ Step into your true Mastery - Live from your Higher Self

  • Break free from conditioning & restrictions. Clear lineage of limiting patterns

  • Less is More. No symbols to learn. Just straight pure connection to your Multi-Dimensional Mastery

  • Access and Live your TRUE Multi-Dimensional Self

  • improve psychic and healing abilities



  • Clearing DNA & past lives,

  • 5D Activating

  • upgrade chakras, grounding higher chakras 9 - 16 into 3D,

  • Anchoring Diamond Light,

  • working with St - Germain, Merlin, Archangels & Ascended Masters,

  • Activating and living from Mahatma energy (and more)

  • Always evolving: Once activated you will continue to benefit and enjoy the upgrades in vibration (no upgrades/levels required)


What is Required?

*There are no prerequisites to this Course* On this 2-day Course you will experience the full spectrum of NPMDT, so that you become acclimatised to this energy.


Course includes:

  • clearing meditations

  • activation of NPMDT energies which are with you for life, and ever evolving with you

  • the philosophy of NPMDT,

  • how to facilitate sessions for self and others, clearing blockages, grounding, self-mastery, and much more! These energies have a powerful grounding effect and start up a process of becoming more balanced.


*2 Days can be done consecutively, or by special arrangement.

NPMDT Certificate and manual on successful completion of course.  Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to facilitate healing yourself and others. Insurance is required to work professionally.

Note from Nitya

This course continues to stand the test of time, as new energies come through it gives you a firm healthy grasp of energies, self mastery, good housekeeping and safety amongst these vibrations. A good firm foundation for future growth and spiritual development.  No additional courses or upgrades are required - you will continue to evolve with the energies as they download to you


Visit our Events page to join the next training or Contact us to request individual training



*Prerequisite to this Course is the Basic Master ENERGY HEALING PRACTITIONER Course (above)


This 2/3-day Course continues integrating NPMDT energies, clearing the multidimensional bodies, and supports more personal healing and self-empowerment.

After this course you are accredited to facilitate the NPMDT Basic Master Course and the NPMDT Basic Teacher Course.

The above courses can be taught separately, or together, in which case the course will be taught over 4/5 days. The length of the course will depend on numbers, and the previous teaching experience of the course participants.


Visit our Events page to join the next training or Contact us to request individual training


By far the best course
I have ever done.
A game changer
logo-mdt-150x146 (2).jpg
The energy is rocket fuel, it keeps growing with me, opening my eyes and heart to who I really was. To who I knew I was all along
More NPMDT Courses available:


*Prerequisite: none, though it may be helpful if you have had some prior experience with energy work. The biggest requirement is to be able to allow and let go.

During this 4-day Course, there are many in depth clearances and activations, including 13 dimensional activations, DNA activations and clearances, and much more! For anyone on the path to personal transformation and self realisation this workshop is a real gift to the Self. 


Only NPMDT 13D Teachers can facilitate this course, of which Nitya isn't one. 



This 9-day Course is only facilitated by John/Hari. You will continue with clearing, activations, practice channelling, and share experience and wisdom on how to facilitate New Paradigm MDT courses. This will be a profound journey in self discovery and healing. 

After this course, you are able to facilitate the 13 Dimensional Master Course.




Q) Why don’t I need upgrades or refresher courses?

A) The course activates the 12 strands of DNA with the 13th DNA strand as the ‘n-th’

which is the ongoing, open and receiving strand allowing you to receive continuing upgrades and new planetary energies. You don’t need any more upgrades of NPMDT


Q) What is the difference between 13-D and Basic Master?

A) The 13-D is an experiential journey for your own evolution with no Practitioner Training. The Basic Master is Love without Conditions assimilating energies designed to facilitate Practitioner Training.


Q) How do I become a Certified Practitioner?

A) Upon successful completion of the 2 day Basic Master you receive a certificate and manual. This can be shown to Insurance companies to practice as an NPMDT Energy Healer. We discuss Insurance and business in the Basic Master course.


Q) I am having childcare and/or travel issues. How flexible are the timings?

Family and travel needs are part of life. We are as flexible as possible to work around any commitments you have whilst ensuring all course content and hours are met to gain certification. Speak up and we’ll do what we can to make it work.

Q) Can I do the Basic Master and Basic Teacher Training together?

A) Yes, you can do them simultaneously, so that would be 4 days in a row.

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