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Trovak (TM)

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Trovak (TM) sits at 1300 Hz, so you can imagine the vibrational frequency. 


Trovak (TM) is of such purity, clarity and high vibration that it cuts through energetic density 'like a hot knife through butter'.

No drama, no discomfort, no Soul searching


It's fast, clean, exact in raising vibration, removing lower consciousness, limiting ego-ic patterns. 

Every...single...person who has received Trovak (TM) Energy has seen significant shifts in their lives, moving into greater Soul alignment:

- relationships of integrity: some strengthen, others drop away. 

- business improves, and/or changes to reflect Highest Soul calling

- personal responsibility - for both the good and the 'bad' in our lives happens, therefore be aware that an ability to 'own' our experiences is required. This is often hard to stomach. 

- freedom - NO more 'excuses' !

30 mins
*Every Monday @ 6am Sydney time:
UK: Sunday 9pm, New York: Sunday 4pm
Check your zone at

Trovak (TM) is a unique, powerful vibration that cuts through density without discussion: human words and explanations are too heavy to define Trovak (TM) energy. It's like a laser beam cutting and releasing. Trovak (TM) takes the wool off your eyes, allowing you to hear and align with your purpose without interruption, human emotional doubts or interference.

Trovak (TM) was channelled to Lynda in 2015 and is such a high vibration that during Lynda's private healing time with Trovak, space ships visited and uncloaked to learn from Trovak (TM) - all in a peaceful manner of course. Due to the nature of Trovak (TM) it requires individual's to have a high level of personal responsibilty; too much light in the wrong intention is like giving a 5 year old a high speed sports car !  

To reach Trovak (TM) energy we need to gently 'climb' upwards to it's vibration, clearing as we go - since we often gather 'gunk' during our day; to go straight to Trovak (TM) energy would be a jolt to our systems!  To 'climb' we will be working with Divine Light, Lynda's light, Lemurian and Trovak (TM) energy alongside any guides that with to join us at that time from the entire universe. 

Intention is everything so enjoy the lighter, cleaner energies as we purify, release and settle into cleaner lifestyle. 

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