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Accredited Practitioner Training

Practitioner Training on your journey helping others to help themselves

Online/Distance Self Study

Crystal Healer Qualification

2 x Crystal Activations
2 x Energy Healing
Experiential & Theoretical Study. Monthly Assignments

6 month


CMA Accredited course.jpeg

In-Person Training

Energy Healer PRACTITIONER Training

New career
Enhance psychic skills. Access higher chakras, Spiritual growth & clarity

2 days


CMA Accredited course.jpeg


experiential growth inside workshops, creativity and Indulgent days

3.5 hours

Crystal Jewellery Workshop

a workshop to craft Mala Meditation Necklace and Minimalist Energy Healing bracelet


8 hours

Wellbeing Immersion

An indulgent, explorative and regenerating day immersed in healing energies


3.5 hours

Crystals: Connect & Commune

Connect with the wonderful world of Crystal Wisdom in your daily life


3.5 hours

Ayurveda: Nature's Rhythm

Learn how to follow the rhythm of the seasons, life stages and environment for optimum health and balance


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