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New Service: Implant & Entity Removal

As Lady Gaia's vibration rises more energies mix and mingle between us, around us and inside us to be seen, healed and removed from us. It's a wonderful idea to suggest the planet and ourselves are fully healed yet it's far from the truth at this moment in time; ANYTHING and EVERYTHING out of alignment and not of a loving nature is being highlighted for us all to look ourselves and our environment.

Here is a link to what is involved (video uploading).

Here is a link to book your own Implant and Entity Removal

Below is a Testimonial from 'S':

After my Entity clearing Session with Nitya which I booked to clear the energy between myself, my daughter and my Mother some amazing things occurred.

The distortion I was feeling vanished. Relationships have improved immensely.

My daughter and I are communicating ALOT more calmly and effectively , and she is much happier. And I feel I can get through to her and she listens. The rows we were having have stopped !

Also without going into details, in the last week she has broken free of a compulsion that was causing her a lot of unhappiness, and repeating back to me the words I said before to her about the issue as if it was her own realisation she 'd came to by herself.

My Mother likewise is communicating / relating in a much calmer and relaxed manner and showing a softer side towards me . She seems happier and is laughing more . She is ALOT lighter after her psychic surgery.

It's like our nerves are all a lot calmer, less irritability, A lot less, and the only way I can describe it is that the white noise or distortion that was present between us all before has just gone. Vanished.

On a personal note I feel much less scattered, stronger, calmer and able to meditate and connect with my higher guidance daughter said " Mum what's happened you are so chilled":)

Nitya is the real deal folks , I am incredibly grateful for her assistance within my family and also on a personal level. She saw and identified the entities , removed them ( offered them a better place than go she said ) cleaned up and healed our energy fields and did work to repair our chakras. She gave me a full report afterwards and told me things that totally made sense .

She also told me that I am now in a protected bubble , whereby they cannot attach again. But just bounce off.

I feel safe again.

Thank you Nitya Lynda for your truly miraculous assistance. It was worth every penny and more.

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