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Fit like ! From Australia! Yes, I’m in the other side of the world and WOW what a journey it’s been. Quite literally everything is upside down.:

  • cockateils are as common on the streets as seagull’s are in the N.E Scotland.

  • colour colour everywhere. Birds are red, green, yellow. Loud raucous beasts. I love their vigour.

  • brown banana bread is the ‘Australian scone’ of every cafe – and it’s astoundingly tasty !

  • cafe’s are deep inside every small community serving builder’s bacon butties alongside a Therapist’s turmeric latte with soya milk – an easy request ANYWHERE !

  • Architecture is vibrant, curved and fluid in response to the hot sun and season’s. I love it!

  • The winter solstice is June 21 (it’s winter in Australia just now – much like a very mild Scottish autumn)

  • everyone feels the effects of Australian bush fires. Our garden has scorched trees from the last bush fires 5 years ago

  • organic food is normal here, not specialised. Oh what a joy to visit markets brimming with healthy, nutritious fruit and veg.

  • I’ve met fascinating, creative and resilient people along the way

Consciousness As we flew from Dubai to Australia I felt a shooting pain and crackling in my head, which I took as a shift in CONSCIOUSNESS across timezones – spiritual and physical ones! - perhaps an energy portal. The jetlag took a week to wear off, followed by a week of ‘cosmic-lag’; acclimatising to the energetic patterns of Australia.

Mother Earth’s Chakras Australia is the Solar Plexus chakra of Mother Earth (the UK is heart chakra energy) and I can assure you there’s a HUGE distinct difference. If Mother Earth is FEEDING YOU a chakra energy what does that say about YOUR own chakra energy? When you move to another Mother Earth Chakra what happens to your chakra ‘balance’?

There’s a huge amount of depletion in the White Australian’s energy; I could feel people pulling on my chakras anywhere and everywhere I went until I learnt new (Australian friendly!) energy techniques. Solar Plexus energy is about will(power), personal identity and forging your own path. It’s taken a moment to adjust to living ON a different planetary chakra and to keep reviewing and pursuing what the REAL TRUTH is in any situation. Maybe one day I’ll visit ALL Mother Earth’s chakras and report back !

Join us for the Chakra Balancing Group. We work with NINE chakras

UP-ROOT-ing at age 50 with my 14 year old son, living out of a rucksack has been one of the most challenging, raw, seeringly painful yet liberating and clarity creating experiences of my life. As I delve deeper into Soul clearing, energetic transparency (clarity !) and alignment, global chakra balancing, higher consciousness, energy work, healing, trauma healing, ending Soul contracts, healing earth energies and TRULY leaving behind an old paradigm I’ve ‘met’ myself in a new manner. I had to travel to the other side of the world to have enough peace, distance and ‘alone-time’ from societal labels (neighbour, daughter etc) to see who I truly am or more importantly WHAT I AM MADE OF !! The rucksack living stripped back the ego even further and a life ‘on the road’ reframed my perspectives of ‘normal’, ‘healthy’, ‘connections’ and ‘priorities’. I meditate on busy trains, my mental health takes higher priority, my energy levels are precious and conserved (I’m truly grateful to my years of Healing Diets study and Cleansing which prepared and strengthened my peri-menopausal body for such an epic adventure and dare I say it, upheaval !). I’ve taken the Natural, non-invasive road to wellbeing (hence the business name) incorporating deep, ugly uncomfortable self-review and (even more!) shadow-work. It’s a false story if we shy from the ‘painful’, confusing, soul-scorching parts of personal growth of which we all go through, and I feel it’s important to share this alongside the happy beach sunsets we all desire.

New Light As a Lightwalker and Healer the universe always has a plan. And I discovered I’m living on ley lines (eek!) Often people take energy from the land and forget to ‘give back’. Since I arrived there had been a lot of road accidents, train incidents to the point it was becoming very dangerous and I asked the land why? There is a lot of dark magic practiced here (energy taking not giving), and the land has asked for my assistance to heal of which I am about to start on very soon. Since then the land feels safer and there have been less incidents on road & trains.

Ascension In these ascension times you yourself will be on a journey of discovery about WHY you are here, and WHAT you have to offer. Why your life is changing so rapidly and HOW you are going to find your way through. Dropping the old persona, stepping into the REAL YOU.

And I am here to help you help yourself.

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