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Spiritual Carrots

Spiritual Wellbeing is just like growing carrots. Wouldn't you agree?

🥕carrots need RIGHT CONDITIONS to SURVIVE and the STRONGER our carrots are the more they THRIVE. 🥕A carrots favourable conditions are sand and height.

🥕Sand mixed into our soil creates a LIGHTER, LESS DENSE soil allowing carrots to grow deeper, wider, stronger. 🥕Height: Raising plant beds avoids our main predator, the carrotfly, who only fly up to 60 cm max. 🥕Preventative measures (SELFCARE) are required. 🥕HOW?🥕 🥕Our Spiritual 'SAND': living authentically, honestly, being accountable, responsible, of integrity. 🥕our Spiritual 'HEIGHT': avoid predators. Relationships that are sincere, honest, supportive. Avoid drama, manipulation, co-dependency and selfish-ness (not to be confused with selfcare). 🥕Time: small steady steps will reap a bountiful harvest; WELLBEING 🥕Our carrots were lush. 🥕Go on. Be a carrot. You deserve it

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