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New Times

In line with YEARS of growth and metamorphosis-ing (!) we've finally brought in new branding to reflect us better. It's been over a year in the making...actually 3 years since I think harder moving from our previous 'Aberdeen' company name. I've really felt like I'd outgrown the 'yoga lady' for eons now realising that theme had been with me in various forms since 2006. eeek

Wellbeing to us means multi-dimensional living. A constantly changing energetic state dancing through the Universe.

Everything is inter-related. The mind leads us to our emotions. The spiritual Self housed inside the physical body. All four parts make the whole intertwined, super-cosmic, beautifully intricate yet simple in form and full of MAGIC. The Macro and the Micro. One man's 'quantum' is another man's 'energy'.

Our awesome Soul-ful Selves deserve to be recognised in all their multi-dimensional glory

How on earth did we manage to get that into a logo? Crazy. This logo sits nicely with me. It's a twist on the Sacred Geometry of Metatron's cube with the energies of numbers 2,3,4, 5 and 6 inside it.

Juggling a lot of plates is more enjoyable these days and I'm happy to 'surrender' to a soft branding change over time so bear with us.

Tell us what you think of the change... I'd be interested to hear. yay or nay? bye bye 'yoga lady' logo

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