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ACID V ALKALINE⁠/food combining

My latest healing Diets Assignment took me into Food combining and the Acid/Alkali balance inside ourselves and LOOK at the REDUCTION in my stomach bloating, inflammation, acidity and ailments, as I did this coursework. ⁠

By allowing the body time to fully digest foods, removing stimulants, processed foods, sugars, fats and focussing on clean, pure, foods eaten in their correct food groups the signs are clear. But what is food combining?. Let me explain - for breakfast i usually have fresh fruit with sesame seeds, flaxseeds and natural yoghurt - super healthy I thought, and it is. But for this assignment I was to avoid food combining. So, my usual breakfast nuts require 2 hours to digest, with the fruits, which only take 20 - 40 minutes to digest, fermenting on top of the nuts, thereby creating inflammation and imbalance. Who'd have thought !!!⁠

This clean and seperated diet was a phenomenal boost to my energy levels, mind clarity, motivation, focus, confidence, my skin rashes disappeared, my sleep greatly improved. It was a joy, once I got the hang of it. But to be honest, there was a time of adjustment to eating in these food groups - as I mentioned earlier, keeping aware that fruit and nuts don't go together in the digestion. ⁠

Note, this is part of a coursework that I am studying to share my journey with you and is not designed for consultation purposes at this time. ⁠


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