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2020 didn't just 'arrive'

2020 has been arriving for years now. What? How can that be?

We don’t just wake up one day and BOOM, 2020 is upon us, the ‘energies’ are here, we feel like a new person, new direction, different feelings, aims, consciousness and conscience. NO, that takes time with ‘happenings’ aligned before it can occur, just as as 2019 precedes 2020, the shifts build to a point that instigates change and a new consciousness. Sometime swift sometimes slow….over many weeks, months and years.

Reflecting, as we always do at a year end, or more accurately, looking ahead to how we want our coming year to be, I can see that ‘YEAR 2020’ has been pulling into my view for a few years now.

I’m still adjusting to changes I made in 2018 – uprooting my life, family, business and network to over 100 miles away for the love of a (very good) man, now my husband. In structural terms I drastically altered 7 of the 8 main facets of life, those being work, health, family, children, finances, community and business. Death being the only one I never encountered directly, although I did lose a few dear family members in that time, it can also be said that new beginnings create a death of sorts.

In 2018 my heart steered me overwhelmingly to my husband, but it was something much stronger, more primal, a ‘calling’ a ‘knowing’, clearer and deeper than that. I KNEW it was the next stage of my life with this man, this environment, bringing my Light to my new home and in turn receiving my own rewards. Initially it was quite a shock, emotionally and culturally coupled with loss; grieving, the inevitable ‘letting-go’ and emptiness as I slowly adjusted to my new surroundings, environment and family life, as well as re-designing my business direction and intentions. An opportunity for ‘new beginnings’ aren’t just for the year end it seems.

All these were challenging, making me dig DEEP within for strength, clarity, unconditional love and a new understanding of patience. I got clear on what and where I was. Two years on I have more of the jigsaw pieces in place at a ‘human’ level; It’s OK to follow the Divine calling but understanding how it plays out in your daily life is another, how it fits into your new business model, how it ripples into the lives of close loved ones, what the Divine Light is doing in it’s surrounding environment. These all take time to settle into place and make sense of.

However had I not done the excrutiating personal development in 2015, after encountering a narcissitic boyfriend who played mind (and heart) games, forcing me to look at love, self-love, self-care and what I want in my life, in all it’s flavours and fancies, I may never have clarified what I do – and do not - want in my life, ergo universally attracted my now husband and new life.

You see how they all fit into place. How one builds upon the other.

Not only the turn of a year sneaks up on us but the turn of a decade, and it seems to follow a pattern for a few decades now.

In 2006 – 2008 I was training to become a Yoga Teacher. The deep back bends, heart opening yoga postures, kriyas and chanting, which always rattle things out and raise my consciousness were clearing me at such a deep level I remember spending the entire month of November 2006 holding back tears as I re-lived each argument with past relationships, impatient thoughts at strangers in the street who may have innocently bumped into me, indiscretions on my part, anger and judgement I had held and projected onto others, knowing inside myself that this was ‘old stuff’ clambering out of my system in a clumsy, haphazard way. Their exit gave me the opportunity for new perspective, awareness of the impact my actions (and re-actions) have on others, a greater ear to listen to another’s viewpoints and feelings in a more objective manner. The purge allowed me to see more clearly and rationally.

This was the time I was given insight, through studying with two very different Schools, to the polarities of humanity and ego, even more startling to witness in the ‘healing modalities’ as I had the good fortune (at the time it felt like mis-fortune) to experience the conditional and unconditional mentoring (love) that Tutors, Training Schools and Individual’s imparting knowledge can give you; one School tore you down to build back in their mould, and another stripped away illusion (maya) to help you find the core of who you are. This was in 2007/2008 and to this day these teachings have held firm, steering me in the loving, self-actualising manner, ‘raising the alarm’ when I happen upon another mentoring-like School or Individual with domineering, controlling tendencies when I much prefer those that help me, teach me in a supportive manner. We are all a work in progress and I gratefully thank them all.

These turn-your-life-upside-down, electric-shock type upheavals of 2008 (ish) in 2018 (and even late 1997 when I ditched my career to start my Degree), were the Divine’s fast-track to prepare for the new year, new decade and new, upgraded me. Err, Thank you Universe !

I am exactly where I am meant to be at this time, for the work I have to offer, the personal development and growth I still have upon me and the tools to share it.

Was it fun at the time?, no, not always. Would I go back and do it differently?. No, I now have a beautiful son, lovely family, huge business experience, following my Spiritual work and continuing to pass that on as I am meant t share it.

If there are patterns at play – my 2008/2018 for example – there may be insight to 2020 and beyond to be found by re-visiting where I was in 2010.

In 2010 I started my training in the phenomenal New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation or NPMDT for short ! you can see why I call it ‘Energy Healing’ for short. Again another I MUST do this type ‘calling’ which I followed through with. It was a game-changer and still holds strong, effective, powerful and current with healing, evolving and delivering professional, empowering and high quality energy work.

At the time, the term ‘energy healer’ was very vague and mis-understood, but skip 10 years to now, and people have a much firmer grasp of what energy is and can do. Actions in 2010 and NPMDT empowered me to open a Holistic Centre where I taught, trained others and ‘held the space’ for others to share their knowledge and skills too.

Similarly, let’s see if the pattern goes even further back, to 20 years ago. Whilst studying for my Degree, I wrote an essay on meditation. Now this was before the Internet, I remember struggling to access information via the library, the large bookstores had NO ‘Mind, Body, Soul’ sections in those days, so I had to use the resources I had from my own practice and Transcendental Meditation teachings.

I have been hugely blessed to find such amazing Schools, Teachers and Techniques of great substance, integrity and Service.

So how does this stand for my 2020? Hmmm, it appears that my ‘leap in consciousness’ of 2010 and new knowledge to impart for others may play out for the next 10 years.

Who knows ?

Working with Stone Circles from 2019 speaks volumes of who I am and the direction I am heading, the unity and connection with Universal Energies in my everyday life, combining families, and collecting the parts together to share with others who want to heal and move forward.

These stones ‘called’ me to work with them and share their message.

I’m excited. This new decade I’m already studying new skills (always), with new compassionate teachers (thank you) and amongst new clients, environment and areas that require what I have to offer. My own growth allowing me to bring Energy Healing techniques to the ever increasing number of individual’s navigating change.

And this next decade has been brought to us as we skip through the ‘training levels’ ie personal growth, change, re-direction, responsibility of our previous years, to deliver in a new decade.

Look back to where you have been, to see what you have created.

So you see, 2020 didn’t just arrive. You stepped into it many moons ago xxx

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