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Cleansing & Juicing - 21 day journey

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Create new, healthier & informed habits, choices and beliefs around food, health, vitality and wellbeing. Break addictive, comfort eating and unhealthy food relationships. Choose deeper self care, love and progress via food awareness and behaviours.

Packed with recipes, nutritional guidance, habit breaking and forming, organic/inorganic, ph/acid/alkaline, equipment advice and group support, with questions and specific health advice should you require.

9 days spent of nutritional education whilst cleansing our diet, lifestyle, habits, beliefs and behaviours culminating in a 3 day juicing fast, then 9 days returning to solid foods and new dietary lifestyle in a healthy, balanced and wise manner.

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Be respectful, kind and compassionate; we are all on our own healing journey. Exercise wisdom & discretion if posting photos No advertising of products, services or MLM.


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  • July 4, 2022


  • Nitya Lynda

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