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Holistic Courses for the New World Energy

Steeped in Authentic Living, the Academy prides itself on the depth and breadth of Holistic, Conscious and energetic Healing it offers via Accredited Training, Healing Workshops and Private Sessions. 
School of Natural Medicine
Complementary Medical Association Registered College
new paradigm multi dimensional transformation
Dry Reeds

Happy Clients

I feel a deep sense of peace. Wonderful and uplifting. Decision knots have shifted and a remembrance of who I am amidst it all

Energy & Psychic Healing

So many insights as I learn from this course. My intentions are purer with the energy knowledge.

Crystal Consciousness Practitioner

An incredible course,
I was amazed what could be cleared, activated and changed. Anyone doing this course will be so lucky

Learn Psychic & Spiritual Growth:

Choose from 3 paths: 

1. Train:

Crystal Healer, Crystal Consciousness, Energy Healer

- Accredited Qualifications

- practical & theoretical learning

- energy healing activations & meditations

- study from home at your own pace

- module assessments track progress

- text, video, image & quiz format

Complementary Medicine Association Registered College

- 6 month courses

- ongoing support from tutor

- payment plans available - full payment or instalments

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2. Nourish:

Empath Living, Spiritual Health, Psychic Development, Chakra Health

- create a wellbeing way of life

- integrated approach to wellbeing, self-care & healing

- personal development

- deeper learning 

- online at your own pace 

- ongoing support from tutor 

- often a pre-requisite for Practitioner Training

Go to the Courses

3. Heal:

- 1-1 energy healing time

- focussed on your wellbeing needs

- health advice for future maintenance & wellbeing

- choose from energy, chakra, implants, diet and your home

- available via distance/remote healing (no appt to attend)

- written / verbal reports on cleansing & healing

Emotional: stress, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, food intolerances, lack of focus or direction, low self esteem, mental health issues, adrenal fatigue, skin rashes, lack of energy
Spiritual: psychic attack, energy vampires, entity attachment, addictive behaviour, chakra imbalance, unhealthy, co-dependent and abusive relationships, 
Physical: Asthma, Parkinson's Disease, thyroid issues, addictions, bone aches, leg twitches, acne and skin issues, menstrual tension, 

Your Healing Guide

Lynda (Nitya), founder of the Academy

...knew there was 'something more' as she grew up, but she didn't know what. It wasn't until much later she understood she was connecting to the empathic 'multi-dimensional' part of herself as a psychic, healer and empath. 

She consciously chooses a spiritual, natural, integrated approach in treating 'all parts of the Self'; training as a Yogi Siromani, Crystal Healer, Energy Healer, Reflexologist, Massage Therapist and Healing Diets Coach.  

She has been Teaching Holistic Health since 2008, developing her Training School in 2010; her work includes elements of yoga, massage, reflexology, ayurveda, pranayama, meditation, coaching, psychic, healing, chakra, energy, astral, and crystals. This grew over the years to include activating crystals, stone circles, healing leylines, earth energies and bringing new vibrations through globally for humanity to work alongside Mother Earth (Lady Gaia as she calls herself with Nitya !) and the Universe to raise consciousness, self-care and community. 


Nitya is a Lemurian elder bringing Crystal Consciousness vibration back to the planet. Her journey is to facilitate others activating the 'light' inside themselves, transmuting fear based paradigms, inherited trauma, past life issues, limiting beliefs into love without conditions via her Professional Training Courses, Personal Development Workshops and Private Healing Sessions. The nature of raising your vibration dictates she's regularly bringing in new energy and healing techniques to share including crystal constellations, songline therapy and vibrational energies. 


​In her early Healing journey she founded a Wellbeing Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland offering Multi-Dimensional Energy and Psychic Healing to thousands of clients; housing the City's first vegan cafe; co-founding a successful peer led Addicts Project and participating in a City wide choir competition raising funds for a local charity.  She now lives and works in Australia whilst Serving her International customers. 

* Nitya is sanskrit for 'Eternity'

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Energy Healing

A healer doesn't heal you, they teach you how to heal yourself

17+ years as a Complementary Therapist

Empath, Psychic, 

Daily yoga practice

Meditating since 1984

Living Foods advocate

(Re)awakens Standing Stones & Monuments

Lemurian Elder

Channels high vibrational energies to share

Offers Crystal Constellations

Channel Guided Meditations (see Shop)

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