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A natural integrated approach for lifelong health in mind, body & Soul
Accredited Practitioner Training, workshops and life skills
creating a home for natural vitality and authentic living

wellbeing services are

Instinctive and non-invasive resources aligned to natural rhythms 
Authentic & Accessible
unlimited access to knowledge supporting Authentic Living
Ongoing Connection
an ever changing journey of exploration
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Wellbeing is an inside job

Gain peace, clarity, energy, vitality, health and general wellbeing

Clients have found relief from:

stress, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, food intolerances, lack of focus or direction, low self esteem, mental health issues, adrenal fatigue, skin rashes, lack of energy, 
specific ailment such as asthma, Parkinson's Disease, thyroid issues, addictions, 
as well as an end to psychic attack, energy vampires, entity attachment, addictive behaviour, imbalanced chakras, unhealthy, co-dependent and abusive relationships, 
A good healer teaches you how to heal yourself
Over many years I've come to realise my formula to achieve wellbeing is:

To fearlessly learn and live your authentic truth

Creating your life your way

Fruitful experiences as we embody these practices
Hello, I'm Lynda, founder of the Academy, based in Perthshire, Scotland. My journey started in 1986 by learning meditation, in 2008 fusing skills as an Energy Healer, Crystal Healer, Reflexologist, Healing Diets Coach and Yoga Siromani to teach Wellbeing in many forms, in 2014 opening a healing centre.

I'm also a psychic and empath which aid my energy healing skills 
Healthy Healing Diets Nutritioinal food
Informative, helpful and really good to have some specifically targeted help to refer to when one is trying to heal
Energy Healing hands
I feel a deep sense of peace. Wonderful and uplifting. Decision knots have shifted and a remembrance of who I am amidst it all
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An incredible course, I was amazed what could be cleared, activated and changed. Anyone doing this course will be so lucky
because all parts make up the whole 
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