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Only book 1 session

A good healer shows you how to heal yourself

Only book 1 session

A Healer doesn’t Heal you: A good healer shows you how to heal yourself.

Why you don’t need to book a second appointment with us

Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing are so powerful via the Healing tools Nitya uses that it cuts through vibrational density like a hot knife through butter:

1) it’s unlimited – the healing energies go as high/wide/far as your Soul is ready to go in an unlimited manner. As a Multi-Dimensional Healing tool, allowing you to expand in whatever direction you require.

2) it’s for your Highest Good – your I AM Presence allows the healing, in alignment with your Highest Good. Vibrational healing works with the HEART ENERGY, it knows more than we as humans do. Our human selves often get in the way with our pre-conceived ideas, agenda, ego, dependencies, conditioning, past life-this, life experiences, karma, contracts, hexes and spells. Nitya or your personality doesn’t decide what is healed but the HIGHEST version of YOU does.

3) it’s via your Soul – we don’t heal you, only facilitate you healing yourself; the energy passes through the Practitioner to you, for you. You receive as much as you require, your 'healer' is merely a conduit for your own self until you are ready to take full mastery of your life and destiny.

4) it’s ongoing – healing energies keep working long, long after your session ends. Much like a filter working, continually sifting away toxicity, denseness, debris and heaviness the light and loving energies are settling into your cells, clearing as they go.

5) it’s upgrading – the energy healing is evolving with you, allowing you to integrate higher vibrations at a pace comfortable to you. As cells, and cellular memory clears, more connection, light and higher vibrations enter. This takes time to shift into the physical, mental and emotional bodies which is why we feel the benefits for a long time afterwards.

“I still feel light and floaty even now”
“Feels like the blinkers have been taken off my life”

Clients ask ‘when should I book another appointment?’ and the answer is to allow the upgrades and deep shifts to settle into your life. Over time you may ‘settle’ at a level, or hit a blockage, life challenge or realise something else you are ready to release. You will know when you are ready for your next appointment.

You can book a session:

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