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Discernment V Instincts

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Hone your skills

Why your 'age' doesn't exist

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Your age is just an illusion

Beat Workload Overwhelm

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Beat procrastination and feelings of overwhelm. Finish tasks, make change

7 Pillars of Health

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Foundations for a healthy life

Neti pot nasal cleansing

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Nasal cleansing the ayurvedic way

Improving My Eye Health

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improved eyesight two stages in two years

Identity: From Doing to BEing

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New energy: to bare all, to own it, to love it, the raw, the naked and the proud

Only book 1 session

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A good healer shows you how to heal yourself

Shadow-work and Dark Night of the Soul

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Navigate the deep Soul-Searching phases. Never easy but hugely fruitful

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