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Strengthen your HEART ENERGY, which is your Torus Energy Pulse to the Universe.  This is YOUR energy output to the world:


- helps you remember who YOU are from WITHIN

- empowers you to move in YOUR universal rhythm

- Learn how to use it alongside the Source Connection and Mother Earth connection

- helps keep energy moving in all your auric fields avoiding blockages, limiting beliefs, 

- helps chakras keep spinning healthily

- All meditations work for the Highest Good of All, with ease and grace.

- mp4 download


- Allow yourself time to absorb the new energies for they appear subtle yet are powerfully transformative, hydrate well afterwards and be gentle with yourself. 

- These downloads are recorded in nature at the base of a crystal mountain, so you  may hear nature noises in the background.



Heart Energy

  • Non refundable due to being a download, which can't be unsent

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