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Love & Light Paradox

I love this image, it’s a corner of my home and the most serene, connected and earthy place. The singing bowls were acquired from @avriloenone, the digeridoo bought from a dear Wellbeing Centre friend and played by the talented Mr G (who’s a digi natural) and the willow was gifted which I aim to share among close friends and fellow crafters to inspire them; baskets, garden wind-breakers, trellises? Who knows. Exciting ! I’m always amazed at the diversity of creativity and genius inside all our minds. Willow represents new beginnings and innovation. There's even a well-travelled rainmaker in the image.

This earthy sound-healing, inspiring-willow, frequency-corner exemplifies my state at the moment; simple, still, clean, flowing (notice the square table at 45 degrees to aide the flow of chi), the woody materials, the colourful decorations, the items invite sharing with others, the gifts represent receiving from others. All together celebrating, all open to express themselves in their chosen form, all collaborating with each other to create this wonderful space.

Every thing inside my life is curated carefully nowadays, does this nourish me? Serve me? Comfort me? Honour my needs? boundaries? Direction? Does it respect me, itself and Gaia?

Previously life was all about whizzing about in the astral realms, universal light and pushing further afield out of our comfort zone. I love that life; allowing my consciousness to stretch outside my body to the ends of the universe; to dance, zip and whirl around worm holes and black holes. We are constantly balancing the love aspects with the Divine Light; the paradox that as we invite one in it automatically requires us to explore the other; the light shines on the parts that require love and the love without conditions brings more light in. As this corner of my life grounds me, opens me up creatively it also brings more light in, insight, wholeness.

We are being given an opportunity to nurture our creativity, our tenderness, our fragility, in the simplest of moments. Life is valuable without making it complicated, ‘busy’, productive and time managed – you can still see snippets of work-based post-it notes in the corner of this image.

Welcome to my happy corner. I’m pleased to share it with you

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