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Normalise Homegrown

Get back to real food, locally

Normalise Homegrown

🍓Seasonal eating encourages harvesting a range of minerals, vitamins, nutrients, superfoods, herbs and spices. Adjusting diet regularly ensures we don’t become nutrient deficient whilst keeping our palate and kitchen fresh and varied.
Eat seasonally and as fresh as possible, explore new recipes, enjoy kitchen time

🍓Working alongside and in harmony with Nature fosters our earthly connection, encourages grounding, healing, aids the ability to ebb and flow with sun moon cycles and reminds us of the simplicity yet intricacies of Mother Nature.
See with new eyes the biodiversity in your garden, plant a section of wild flowers, .

🍓Keeps biodiversity alive: bugs, beasties and bees live and thrive among us keeping our earth rich in nutrients, maintaining pest control and pollinating our crops. Plant a wild garden and beastie hotel

🍓Ensures multi-nationals don’t get their hands on the food supply chain. Use it or lose it ! With our food being caught up in profit first, corporate and shareholder greed at the loss of quality, nutritional value and taste; a plethora of chemicals, food additives, artificial flavourings, fillers added in to dilute ‘real’ food; with people suffering from obesity, food intolerances, allergies, health issues, dis-ease it’s imperative you get to know what is IN your food, where it’s from, chose what is made with love, the more you can empower yourself to become healthier.
Choose organic, learn how to keep and store heirloom seeds, use natural fertilisers, compost and plant diversity for 'pest' control.

🍓Keep the integrity of your food close. If you can’t home grow chose organic, locally grown from those who love what they do. Pay them handsomely for their craft, time and knowledge, their gift of giving seasonal quality goods to you from the efforts of their fair hands, sweaty brows and broken backs !

Get back to real food.
With love

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