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Crystals when Grieving

support during loss & hardship


Celestite for those who are Grieving

Celestite offers a sensitive, intimate and deeply compassionate, patient energy to those grieving any type of loss, hardship or change.

It aids a tender heart-felt compassion towards the self and those affected by bereavement, shifts and emotional hardship. Helps users to find peace, clarity and make sense of life events for the persons own new direction and sanity. At times, we can’t make sense of life events and celestite helps here, by instilling the ability to move forward and find a new purpose in life; it helps wearers to (re)connect with the lost, abandoned and distraught parts of themselves. Not every part of ourself can be given a rational answer, and celestite helps acceptance of this.

As a blue stone it’s traditionally associated with the throat chakra of communication which helps the wearer seek out those to share feelings, memories, perspectives and any fears/concerns inside the grieving process.

Celestite’s ability to connect and support the heart chakra allows wearers to sift through the often tumultuous and painful after-effects of losing loved ones, sharp and unexpected life-changes and unanswered emotional questions of why, how and now what !

People grieve in their own time and manner. There’s no timescale to the grieving process; anytime is the perfect time to start working with Celestite because it offers solace, strength and simplicity in an often complicated, inconsistent scenario.

Bloodstone supports people onto new paths, adjusting to change and unexpected directions in life;
Sugilite brings light and hope into the darkest of days; apatite supports reconnection with a purpose;
Nephrite removes disease and ailments from consciousness; Rhodonite heals the emotions towards forgiveness; Epidote brings more love for self and others.

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