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About Us

"In each moment you are choosing to live in LOVE or FEAR"

Our Ethos

Our ethos is simple; Everyone is entitled to live a happy, healthy abundant life.  We help you help yourself. Ranging from simple day-to-day lifestyle tweaks through to deep, transformational healing. In it's essence, life is simple; choose to live in a state of love, or choose to live in a state of fear. In every moment we are choosing between love or fear based living. 


Our History
Initially the brainchild of Nitya realising there was nothing in her area exclusively focussing on internal Wellbeing, and in 2014, Nitya founded a North East holistic centre, aptly named 'Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre' with the aim of empowering individual's whilst nurturing community inside a safe, supportive haven with core values of INTEGRITY, AUTHENTICITY and LOVE.

Originally a venue in the heart of the city offering diverse holistic 1-1 therapies such as Energy Healing, Massage, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Intolerance Testing and Kinesiology, tailored Energy Healing events and workshops, regular Singing Bowls, Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi Classes and a bespoke Gift Shop full of crystals, incense, art, spiritual ornaments and statues, essential oils and cleansing sprays to support all aspects of wellbeing and personal development. The Centre grew to have dozens of practitioners positively helping transform thousands of individual's lives, as well as the beneficial ripple effect these changes have on the lives of their families and friends.  The Centre grew to include Fayres,  Wellbeing Festivals and an Addiction Project.

Nitya then relocated over 100 miles for love, the 'AWC' shut its premises doors, rebranding as 'The Natural Wellbeing Academy'. Nitya works throughout Scotland offering 1-1 sessions, workshops, Practitioner Training, online courses and fayres. This evolution has been an opportunity to add a new range of Wellbeing Services with the same care, devotion and integrity as before. 

Look forward to working with you 

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