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Ayurveda: Vata Season

💎Ayurveda tells us we are now in Vata season:cold, damp,dry, crisp.

💎To counteract it's a time to hunker down, cosy up & nurture ourselves. We automatically reach for warm, nourishing, bowls of food. A time to slow down and rest. Why is that?

💎 How do we know what we need to change from season to season?

💎Ayurveda is Sanskrit for the 'science of life' giving us the awareness and tools to flow with change, to optimise health, to act rather than react.

💎I automatically move into hibernation mode at this time. A great time to balance with kapha , massage, warm pitta foods to name a few routines.

About Nitya: I have been working with Ayurvedic techniques after my first consultation with an ayurvedic doctor over 20 years ago, who naturally helped me alleviate asthmatic symptoms by tweaking my diet, lifestyle and routine once diagnosing my constitution. Amazed, I delved deeper and use what i have learned to aide my health and wellbeing, changing seasonally, with lifestyle changes and aging process. Please note this is not to replace any medical advice or medication.

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