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Home Spiritual Cleansing (Remotely)

Restore warmth, comfort & vibrancy by removing low energies & spirits

Home Spiritual Cleansing (Remotely)

£95 / 1.5 hours

Sometimes our home has residual energy from previous owners, psychic ‘visitors’ and energy attachments. They vary in friendliness. Often they enjoy being in your home, which some spirits deem to be their own, however it’s always nice to have your space energetically cleansed.


Nitya can communicate with, and cleanse these energies from your home, leaving it purified, peaceful and comfortable for you to enjoy as your own. This can be done remotely


The Home and Space Cleansing includes:

  • home cleansing by Nitya of all energies and attachments no longer required

  • energetic 'doorways' added to keep cleaning your space and only inviting good energies in

  • home cleansing pack (cleansing spray, white sage, incense, cleansing crystals) posted to you

  • PDF guide on how to keep home energy fresh uplifting and clean crammed with easy, instant hints and tips.

  • report of what was found, removed and how best to keep space clean, vibrant and inviting




Contact me directly on

Once ordered an initial telephone conversation with me, Nitya, will ascertain what is required and can cleanse either in person (if currenct global situation allows) or remotely.




I can ‘tune into’ all the energies inside your home, the spirits and energetic Beings that reside there, speak with them and lovingly remove them from your home, returning your home to a beautiful, relaxed space for you and your family. I will add in loving protection and high vibrational portals to ensure the energies stay positive and well intended.

White Flower Petals

Reclaim your home as a loving space, raise vibration and feel cleansed

Mount Fuji

Live free from disruptions, hostile energies and spirits

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