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Assorted Crystals

Land Healing

Connecting to the Earth Energies of Ancient Monuments, Stone Circles, Crystal Energy, Ancestors, Tribal Groups, Mountains, Trees, Rivers to re-awaken, listen and support as they help us into the New World energies. 

It's crucial we work in harmony with the power of natural elements; listening to their needs alongside our own human development, that way it's a win-win for all. 

My role as psychic, channel and intuitive is to mediate for people who are guardians of the land ensuring they have the full support and understanding and the needs are met for the new world vision

I feel a deep sense of peace. Wonderful and uplifting. Decision knots have shifted and a remembrance of who I am amidst it all

Energy & Psychic Healing

So many insights as I learn from this course. My intentions are purer with the energy knowledge.

Crystal Consciousness Practitioner Training

An incredible course, I was amazed what could be cleared, activated and changed. Anyone doing this course will be so lucky
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