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Crab Nebula


Workplace Wellbeing Day

Holistic & Wholesome Day of Self Discovery
(currently unavailable until global situation lifts)

An opportunity to understand how we ‘show up’ in our own lives, creating resilience, awareness and balance allowing us to contribute more fully.




Space and quiet inside and around; to make positive tweaks, strengthen and contribute in our lives; an opportunity to meet ourselves as we are in that moment; to non-judgementally hear and listen to our needs, our goals and our behaviours that shape how we function.


This allows us space to reflect on what we want to keep and what we want to ditch; how we can contribute in our workplace more effectively for ourselves, others and larger company goals whilst everyone’s needs are met.


Together - on time out – no expectations, no judgements, no deadlines.




  • gentle yoga based movement to loosen off the body, bring balance, fresh energy and get the blood flowing

  • ayurvedic wisdom shared to ascertain why we have certain traits and responses in situations and environments and how we can follow the rhythms of nature to stay centred.

  • practical exercises to stay balanced, calm, aware and receptive, including breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises, and the power of energy and intention

  • several styles of meditation practices to take home

  • deep relaxation with yoga nidra




High end business talking, trust/balancing exercises, group sharing, crisis management, pressure, flip charts !




We highly recommend a full day’s immersion by eating healthy nutritious food, keeping phones, laptops off and giving yourself respect to be fully present in the experience. Email to arrange date, time and final details


understand how we 'show up' in our lives and our contribution

Girl Relaxing

A relaxed, laid back curious day

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