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Why your 'age' doesn't exist

Your age is just an illusion

Why your 'age' doesn't exist

Today is my 50th 'birth' day. My Soul appeared in a body and I've had 50 revolutions around the Astrological cycle.

But here's the thing. 'Age' is Subjective. It's all an illusion:

1) We have millions of cells in our body constantly changing, dying off and re-generating. Our small intestine changes every 2 - 3 days, colon cells last 4 days, lung alveoli change every 8 days, skin has fully replaced in 3 weeks, liver 2 months, blood cells every 4 - 12 months, bones take 10 - 15 years. Within 7 - 10 years EVERY cell in your body has been replaced. potentially.

2) Eating life-giving prana rich foods, superfoods and herbs hydrates and regenerates cells; stimulate electrolyte impulses in neurotransmitter messages strengthening brain and nerve health; removes toxic, degenerative mucous, bacteria, parasites and harmful chemicals which reverse the 'age-ing' process;

3) Energetic Healing allows us to reverse karma, hexes, spells, past life trauma, limiting beliefs, turn fears into love vibrations, send 'youthing' messages to our cells and auric fields, raise our energetic vibration OUT of death, disease, decay frequencies that age, hinder, slow down and stop any living, healing and flourishing energies

4) 'time'. Clockwatching is a manmade construct designed for people to be 'productive' in society, to 'clock in' to their 'job' . Nature, Mother Nature ebbs, flows, expands and retracts in it's own rhythm, she rebirths each season (and many times in between).

5) Because I said so ! I Am whoever I choose to be NOW

Your body is always listening to your choices, your life, your thoughts, feelings, attitudes. Be who YOU want to be, not what the 'birth' date or a piece of paper tells you, or indeed what other people expect of you. Enjoy the journey ;-)

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