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Identity: From Doing to BEing

New energy: to bare all, to own it, to love it, the raw, the naked and the proud

Identity: From Doing to BEing

Isn’t 2021 Fabulous ! We’ve been given an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, spend QUALITY time with ourselves and CHOOSE what we wish to ANCHOR, how we want to live and who we want to connect with. Fabulous ! or is it?

How did we get here? 2020, lockdowns, ever changing and confusing rules took away our self made excuses, stripped away our ‘identity’, our unconscious consumption and escapism. Bluntly put, our ‘who we are’ markers were thrown out the window; we couldn’t measure ourselves by our salary, job title, location, peer group, socialising or networking, by time, travel or distance, by assets, postcode or the latest cool trainers. We weren’t calling the shots on our lives any-more, not in the usual manner anyway. Our connections were ripped from us and we’ve had to create new ones. The reality is we are at home. Alone or in small groups. Online. Where did our identity go? A bigger question: what is our real identity?

Now we sit with ourselves. Listen. Acknowledge. Love without Conditions. We also face the uncomfortable parts too: live in the discomfort until it becomes familiar; invite the shadow into the fold without attempts to change it; acknowledge the helpless frustration; feel the loneliness of a hug-less life. The quicker we accept these sad parts they swiftly transmute and lose power over us. We get to BE FREE of their crippling grip. We bring more love into our lives. More Acceptance and wholeness

It reminds me of a course I attended in the early Noughties and as is often the case on day 1 we had to introduce ourselves around the room. In pairs we ‘befriended’ our neighbour to learn more about them, then share what we’d learned with the group. My partner and I described ourselves experientially as ‘meditators, painters, nature lovers’ and such like. The other pairs in the room begrudgingly identified themselves as ‘taxi’ (to their children), ‘dogsbody’, ‘bank of mum and dad’. They’d chosen task based roles as their identity. Only myself and my colleague were regular meditators, he was also a buddhist, and our ‘identity markers’ highlighted internal exploration, creativity and fulfilment. It was as if he and I had less outside ‘noise’ in our identity.

No more external identity. You get to BE YOU.

Extrapolating the essence of who we are takes energy and time; deep listening and honest review. Frank internal conversation and tender emotional surrender to all that we are is tiring, restful and rewarding. Processing and Assimilation of our new internal markers, our 2021 identity leading to recognition of our BEING happens in these places where we are still, in this case at home and with ourselves 24/7. Less dis-tractions creating more inter-actions with ourselves.

Forget spin and buzzwords like the ‘new normal’ which is an oxymoron. And did you notice how easily ‘pivot’ moved into our new survival psyche in a quest to create equilibrium.

We know ‘survival of the fittest’ isn’t about money, health or physique, more about ability to change, adapt and learn. These ‘markers’ of perceived success, intelligence, respect and conscience have changed. We need to take more care of ourselves; our mental health, our physical state, our home, our finances, our neighbours, resources and our finite planet.

Now, being predominantly indoors has given us opportunity to GO IN beyond our wildest dreams.

The essence of our future presented to us hinges on learning to live with impermanence.

To simply BE in the moment. Let every precious and fleeting happenstance be given our FULL attention NOW because we can’t run, hide, play a role, transport ourselves away, we aren’t consciously moving, changing, normalising. We are Being. As a Multi-dimensional Being you are the entire universe in human form, so why would you want to stifle yourself with 3D labels, roles and identities?

2021 is a new energy; to bare all, to own it, to love it, the raw, the naked and the proud.

We get to choose, we get to express ourselves, we get to explore other people’s ‘normal’, we get to share our ‘normal’ alongside others, even more so to be conscious, curious and creative. It’s a time to take our lives by the horns and steer it the way WE want. But how do we know what we want?

How do we proceed:


• with ourselves; fear no part of ourselves and transmute it all into love without conditions. Step out of your comfort zone to connect
• with our children; find out who they truly are now we aren’t bundling them off to school, we’re spending more than a precious few hours per day with them. Strengthen our family diversity.
• with our habits; there is space to hear what our behaviour is telling us about ourselves. Are we escaping from ourselves or pulling more of ourself into the hearth?
• With our valued friends; who are they really when you have different perspectives on life? Are they also BEing or desperately trying to return to identities of Doing?. Love them regardless.

Create your OWN REAL normal:

• Foster Creative projects from a place of desire rather than of necessity. Simply enjoy being creative with no deadline or outcomes planned free-ing up aspects of our exploratory nature.
• More Stillness – less external distractions require more from us. We require more time to decipher our deeper thoughts, feelings, reactions with ourself and those around us. Patience and Love are key here. Just BE
• Get Seasonal – learn the rhythm of nature, yourself and how they flow together.


• know thyself – listen to your heart and what TRULY resonates with you. Learn and practice discernment and conscience-based living.
• Get Tribal – People recognise similarities and overlaps that unite, bind and nourish to form communities. As the years roll on these tribes will build their vision. Many tribes will have similar visions, Know Thyself and show respect as these visions form and morph over time. Your heart will steer you into your tribe.
• Sovereignty – be the hero in your own story. No-one is coming to rescue you. Educate, investigate, explore, discern,
• Multi dimensional living – you are a Divine Creation. Spend time developing your consciousness and live from there. Watch the world around you expand like a curiosity box.

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