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Discernment V Instincts

Hone your skills

Discernment V Instincts

Discernment is a skill learned, and at times I’d call it an art. It’s hearing the real truth of a situation from a pragmatic approach. Balancing heart-based living and mind-based judgement with good decision making. It’s using insight and intuition beyond the facts stated before you. What may be your truth differs for others, and applying discernment in line with your values and truth helps keep your life ‘on the right track’, limits errors of judgement, costly mistakes, time-consuming unfruitful endeavours and minimises involvement with troublesome and energy depleting projects or people.

Discernment is critical and a personal matter. It’s similar to Harry Potter’s ‘sorting hat’ grouping peoples discernment into like-minded groups due to their levels of awareness, maturity, responsibility and self-discipline.

1. The act or process of exhibiting keen insight and good judgment.
2. Keenness of insight and judgment.
3. The act of discerning.

I’ve had occasions where everyone in the room believes in a colleague’s words, energy, crystal stories and tales. It resonates with their beliefs and needs at that time. Every fibre of my being told me that this ‘wasn’t my truth’ no matter how many admirers the individual had in the room. Much like the pied piper leading everyone over a cliff, my discernment helped ME to detach from the ‘pied piper’s’ spell over the room ensuring I stayed in my own energy, vision and lifepath.

The outcome of distancing myself from the ‘pied piper’ led to attracting colleagues and practitioners of MY OWN ilk, who aligned with my values and mission. They too had their own stories and experiences to share of the ‘pied piper’s energy. No-one is right or wrong as each energy attracts it’s own community and tribe. In this example, my instincts were speaking to me, even although the spiritual effect of the individual was great, and my discernment kept me aligned to my path, attracting me to those with similar needs, and relinquished those who weren’t.

Discernment Vs Instincts

As we continue on our spiritual and energetic journey discernment hones itself to a fine level and we trust it beyond logic or our heart’s desire. Discernment differs from instincts because there is more heart energy in instincts, with instincts we may rush in following our gut, the universe and energies, we trust without need of understanding.

Discernment takes a step back from these behaviours and emotions to peruse the situation from above, slightly more detached than instincts.

If instincts are the radar of our Soul then discernment is the safety gate of our Soul’s instincts.

Practice discernment when working with crystals, sellers and stockists, no matter how much you want to believe, trust or feel a certain outcome. No matter what promises, eagerness and intrigue you have. Always follow your instincts and rationally add in discernment.

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