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7 Pillars of Health

Foundations for a healthy life

7 Pillars of Health

• fresh fruit and vegetables, superfoods and herbs packed with life giving prana, electrolytes, enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals encourage wellbeing.
• avoid creating karma from eating animal flesh and products, mucous creating dairy, processed foods, carbonated drinks,
• reduce and if possible stop smoking, limit and stop alcohol
• eat a predominantly alkaline diet
• regularly fast to encourage deep digestive rest, cellular cleansing and regeneration
• eat consciously: chew thoroughly and mindfully; enjoy each mouthful with gratitude and joy
• shop consciously: choose ethical, organic, local produce supporting your economy
• Book your Healing Diets Consultation with us to initiate positive change

• Everything is inter-related. We are part of the collective consciousness; our energetic imprint that we add INTO the Universe and the one we take FROM the universal energy impacts our wellbeing. Alfred Vogel proved thoughts can transfer from one object to another
• Epigenetics, the scientific study of DNA change, shows us a cell can change form, so it’s imperative we practice positive thoughts and feelings. We dissolve fear based patterns, transmuting them into heartfelt love based ones.
• Dr Masaru Emoto’s experiments with water molecules showed us the negative and positive impact thoughts have upon water. As humans are 60% water, imagine how influential this can be.
• Cymatics prove the healing power of sound; ancient healing chambers around the world show us this has long been known. A sound’s Hertz (Hz) improve healing as they rise; lower frequencies house dis-ease
• Feeling connected to ourselves, our community and the world we live in fosters generosity, open-ness and kindness, it rewires our brain into a more positive mindset
• anything that brings peace, calmness and clarity into our energy field suit. Practice meditation, energy healing, chanting, beautiful music, gardening, dancing, laughing with friends; these methods all create a healing and soothing thought processes.

• Movement allows muscles to stretch and release tension,
• Keeps the spine flexible and strong for our activities, movement and ageing stages
• grounds us creating clarity, focus, healthier perspective and calmness
• improves balance, co-ordination improves dexterity
• connects us with our physical body, anchors us into the physical world

Proper Breathing
• oxygen intake aids blood cleansing and valuable oxygen transfer to vital organs
• avoids lactic acid build up (which otherwise creates aches after exercise)
• pranayama breath-work exercises guide us towards breathing mastery
• aids healthy and full digestion due to diaphragmatic stretching
• stretches lungs encouraging cleansing, oxygen intake and deeper breathing

• quality sleep offers deep rest, cleansing, cellular cleaning and regeneration
• yoga nidra offers deep, regenerative rest by pulling the sense inwards whilst awake.
• eat lightly to avoid over-stimulating digestion, with last meal before 7pm.
• Meditation offers a relaxed nervous system, a fresh perspective on life,
• yoga’s savasana posture refreshes; lying in supine position after yoga asanas offers deep relaxation whilst the asana benefits integrate energetically

• like-minded individual’s feed our sense of belonging and identity. Great, hearty belly laughs, deep meaningful conversations, inspiring, challenging and curious perspectives nurture our ability for compassion and empathy with others.
• Integrating into our environment fosters a sense of belonging, family and united engagement in common goals. Great inspired action comes from these amalgamations.

• a Higher Calling leads to a greater purpose in life, a greater drive, passion, faith, trust and inspiration. It’s where we turn miracles into reality.
• A wholesome reason to get out of bed each day keeps mental health intact
• a greater connection to everything, everyone and ourselves when we live, work and strive to engage with our lives at a deeper level.

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