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Wellbeing Immersion

An indulgent, explorative and regenerating day immersed in healing energies

Super interesting and relaxing. A lovely day to connect with myself and pay attention to my needs
Wonderful day, feel so relaxed now. Learnt a lot and came to a few realisations
By the end of this workshop you will:

  • feel refreshed, energised and focussed on WHERE YOU WANT TO GO IN LIFE

  • release old thought patterns, conditioning and pain cycles to CLEAR THE ENERGETIC CLUTTER out of your heart, mind & Soul

  • understand and act upon true EMPOWERMENT in a peaceful, centred and grounded manner

  • understand and connect with YOUR Energy & Multi Dimensional self

  • connect with GUIDES to assist you in your daily life

  • have a spiritual and emotional ENERGETIC TOOLKIT to sustain positive wellbeing for all time

  • have a firm understanding of your own ENERGETIC NEEDS, knowing how to give AND receive in a healthy manner

  • feel CONFIDENT TO NAVIGATE CHANGE energetic climate; from 3D to 5D transition and living


Your day includes:

  • clarity on Energetic fields, their impact in your life with tools to cleanse and strengthen them

  • Energetic Healings of all auric fields

  • Deep clearing Meditations

  • Reviewing and re-writing stories, patterns, boundaries and limiting energetic behaviours

  • connecting with your Guides

  • gentle yoga based stretches to loosen off the body


Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a blanket and yoga mat if you have (some yoga mats will be provided). Herbal teas, drinks and snacks will be provided. Please bring a light lunch

7 hours

Visit our Events page to join or Contact me to arrange your own



"Super Interesting and relaxing. A lovely day to connect with myself and pay attention to my needs"


"Wonderful day. Feel so relaxed now. Have learnt a lot and came to a few realisations. Nitya, thank you. You have brought me a lot of peace today"

Your host

Nitya is a yoga siromani, energy healer, lemurian elder and crystal healer. She has decades of experience sharing energy tools and spiritual housekeeping skills to support natural wellbeing.

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