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Meeting my past Incarnation.

A very touching accidental encounter


Meeting my past self more REAL than ever before

My healing work and energy role involves moving backwards and forwards in time; looking into lineage to un-do family wounds, look at patterns we pass down so we can learn lessons and break the cycle of negativity, remove previous spells and hexes put upon us from either good or ill-intentions that are hindering our growth in this life.

I do this work daily and love it. It’s facilitated with the person present in this life and I energetically travel to visit the restrictions and hinderance from other lives.

Can you imagine my surprise to be faced with a previous incarnation of MYSELF ! On a bike trip we visited an old, abandoned and overgrown graveyard. So old that moss covered gravestones were broken and sunken into the land, tree's roots had grown over and around headstones burying the buried even deeper into untouchable territory.

I could feel ME inside the graveyard. To say with conviction ‘I’m buried here!’ felt bizarre and stunned me. An earlier incarnation was laid to rest in this graveyard I was now standing in. It was deeply touching and an intimate moment; realising that a human form of my Soul was buried in the location. My earlier incarnation’s physical body was inside a grave but further back in the graveyard – in an overgrown area I couldn’t reach. I had been a male with a young family.

Given that I had relocated over 100 miles to this tiny village less than 12 months earlier I felt like I had been brought home to continue my work here, especially with the activation and close connection to the Standing Stones across the road from these church ruins.

My spiritual senses felt the abandoned village had been a happy, humble and thriving, close community in it’s hey day; villagers were content and continued life easily without conflict. But then I felt the community disappeared suddenly. I felt silence. Quiet. An unspoken shame swept over them and the villagers were dispersed, the community died.

Later, a local told me the Covenanters had moved this village’s inhabitant’s out, into the next village, integrating them into the new religion, with those who disobeyed being killed. It makes sense why there was an energy of hushed up secrecy and extreme caution. That explained a lot !

Our lives are never singular or isolated; we participate and contribute to the magical web of life through distance and time. We are multi-dimensional beings with an energy that never extinguishes, only the vessel it’s housed in tires out, as this experience showed me.

The more often I ‘travel’ in this manner I glean a greater understanding of myself, who I am, why I am the way I am and what makes me ‘tick’. Stepping further afield than my own insights, it highlights the shifts in humanity that are often lacking in larger historical reporting; these large, life changing moments in this small community aren’t directly documented anywhere, and were more than likely hushed up which makes my experiences and connection even more important for posterity.

Psychic, Intuitive, Energy Healing and Multi-Dimensional Travel is accessible to us all.

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