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Electrical Faults

Understand why electrical items mess up around you & how to make it stop


Do lightbulbs blow when you are around ?
Do computers seize or crash on you?
Do street lights flicker as you pass?
Is your phone battery always drained?

Is this you?

If yes, then don’t worry, You, my friend are hot stuff !!
No, not the hot and sexy type (but you may be!). I’m talking about the vibrational ‘hot stuff’. You are a conduit of free flowing vibrational energy. You are a conductor of electrical movement. Your electrical pulse is greater than the systems around you, which is why they blow, get drained, freeze and crash.

So what can you do about it?

It’s easier than you think.

Now to put this in context for you. When I ran a Holistic Centre we had a gift shop packed with himalayan salt lamps, crystal lamps , pretty gift shop sparkly things – you get the idea – and it was my task each morning to switch on this wonderful display of lamps; to show them off in their lit up glory. Guaranteed, every. single. Day, as I switched them on I would ‘blow’ at least one lamp, sometimes 2 or 3 bulbs, which had to be changed before opening. Not good. It was expensive, time consuming and annoying.

How did I get around this?

Well, I figured, if, by blowing the bulbs, I was aligning with the energy to tap into the electrical pulse of the lamp - the electrical output - then I was able to tap into it and ADJUST IT TO MY OWN NEEDS.

Here’s what I did:

As I was about to switch on the power I would ask that MY electrical pulse be ‘EASILY RECEIVED AND FILTERED’ in a safe manner. In effect I asked for it to be filtered into a vibrational match suitable for the electrical item just as a fuse filters voltage into an item.
I would ‘speak’ to the electrical source and prepare it to be switched on. I would tell it to filter MY electrical power into it’s own frequency output in a safe and reasonable manner, avoiding any surges, bulbs blowing or damage.

It worked. Every time. Phew ! And I was able to automate the process, so that I didn’t have to repeat the affirmation every single time

Try it. It works.

This works for any electrical item. You don’t slow down your vibrational output but you DO prepare for a match by ALIGNING and FILTERING– much like a fusebox.

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