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Conscious Soul Embodiment

Times of wholeness, channelled in October 2016


Channelled in October 2016

So this morning I awoke not knowing my bearings. The house wasn't mine, I'd no idea how to find the toilet upon rising. I didn't know which country I was in. I was completely (and consciously?) in 'Soul' mode. Fortunately I had a 'distant conversation' with another personality, who was in human mode. So, you see, two 'people', one in Personality, one in Soul and it went something like this:

me:Is this your house?
them: No, it's yours
me:(looks around) - I have taken a poor path. There is no Soul in this space (meaning I am unbounded and can access greater circumstances).
me: The lessons required are held in this path. It is time to take a greater path. (meaning the lessons have been accomplished)
them: What do you mean?
me: More is now required. Trees (meaning a path more in alignment with full potential)
them: Trees?
me: A path with trees. My Soul lives in a tree (meaning devoid of time, space, possessions and attachments a Soul can live anywhere in comfort)
them: You work in [the] Wellbeing [industry]
me: We are all Well, there is no need of Spaces (houses) like this (meaning our Infinite Selves are complete in all times/dimensions)

[There was a much longer conversation between the two about past lives and choices (paths) but that is not for here].

I came away from it feeling objective and with non-attached awareness - to any item, place or body - it continued for about 30 minutes whilst awake....mixing TWO 'REALITIES', or states of Being. Even making a cup of tea felt alien to me; like a superflous gesture.

Recalling all the conversation, the Soul never asked a question about emotions eg why would this happen? but understood fully the mechanics of events and direction in human form for evolution ie return to Divine State.

Applying the 'HUMAN AWAKENESS' to the SOUL AWARENESS was quite fascinating. Nothing in the house belonged to me. I had absolutely no bond with anything (I even 'forgot' I had my own family) yet I had everything I 'needed' within me. The Soul has access to zillions of realities (think strings of choice) whilst also fully present and detached (un-emotional but not 'cold') in each 'choice'. Stating that a lesson was complete meant the string/path was released and a new path followed.

Never was 'incarnation' used but it was always 'path' - to access the lessons required. Each path was in a new vehicle (form ie tree/human/animal)

I also loved the *FACT* of a Soul's knowing ie 'we are all well' - I wasn't asking but merely stating a truth from a Soul level.

My strongest message from this:
***The Soul has no doubt or dependency. The lack of attachment felt whole***

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