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Actualise, not Manifest

new paradigm alignment


Actualise, not manifest

what exactly does ‘actualise’ mean?

Universally speaking everything exists. Every version of reality; a limitless amount of timelines, dimensions, frequencies, intentions are already ‘out there’ ….or to be more precise are already ‘IN US’, for we are all the universe in human form anchoring into our lives a reflection of the internal energetic state.

How many times have you thought or felt something and it happens? Have you ever felt like you are creating your reality with your thoughts and feelings? Because you are.

Energetically, if you can imagine it then it exists.

To explain: as the architects of our reality, if we believe we will fail or succeed then we can actualise that outcome, for we have aligned - magnetised - that energetic imprint into our day-to-day life. That energetic reality has travelled uninterrupted through our thoughts, feelings, patterns, beliefs, consciousness and intention. Nothing has blocked safe passage to alignment.

So, to actualise we are aligning with the energy of the chosen reality that’s wanted. To ‘want’ is incorrect here, suggesting something outside ourselves we desire to bring IN to our physical reality.

Listen to the language: ‘desire’, an energy of not ‘having’ but ‘wishing’ for; ‘want’, an energy of something outside of ourselves.

That’s not what’s happening here. Actualise is going inside our energy fields communicating with our Universal connection to access ‘A’ reality.

How to Actualise? Align. Have every aspect of yourself unblocked. If you believe yourself to be unworthy of success then your energy responds to match that frequency in opportunities ! that reflect that energetic imprint. To change is to ‘fake it til you make it’, energetically from deep down in your core of being.

Old Paradigm and Manifesting

In comparison Manifesting is asking the universe to bring something, from outwith us, in to our reality. Manifesting pulses with the frequency of lack. Lacking the understanding of universal power, energetic whole-ness, completion, abundance, un-limited living. Manifesting is playing meek, asking to be rescued, rewarded for good behaviour and wish-ful thinking. Manifesting is a ‘dear universe’ request.

By aligning with an already existing reality, timeline and energetic frequency ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can be brought into your life. It’s simply a matter of removing blockages in frequency to align fully and mindfully with the chosen frequency.

Remember that YOU are the universe in human form, YOU are already are what you ‘want’, YOU are merely aligning with the reality/vibration of what you ‘want’.

But what if you don’t have it...yet? You aren’t in alignment in all realms.

New Paradigm ‘Manifesting’ is Actualising.

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