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A Standing Stones 'Hug'

Held close by our past, for our future, NOW


We all have the ability to connect with any energy from any time if we are so inclined and attuned to it; as all of the universe is inside of us we have the capacity to connect with ALL of it. Using my Energy healing techniques I’m able to connect and share healing energies with ancient monuments and Standing Stones, hear and pass on their message to us, their loving energies and unite realms to create a more unified, conscious future.

After a long absence these beautiful Stones’ earth energies welcomed me back with open hearts and spirit. Oh, the hugs and comfort are perceptible, My heart is wide open and blossoming; grounded and re-calibrated after spending time with this masculine and feminine stone. A perfect balance. They embody patience and unconditional love. Like visiting long lost precious family after an absence. They never judge. Heaven

My very first encounter with these two, in this incarnation, was in 2018 as I drove past the field they’re placed in, and I saw an electric BUZZ between them, in the centre space, and I could FEEL the energy they were radiating. I went to investigate and upon physically touching them they breathed a relieved sigh to have been ‘heard’ after such a long silence. They were grateful to have connected with me.

Although not standing in their original site, but very close to it, these two stones are the remainder of many stones which formed a large stone circle meeting place; a halfway point for travellers on the road North, West or South; a place to sleep overnight, re-stock supplies, meet friends and rest horses.; a friendly gathering place to celebrate reunions and freshen up for the road ahead. The original circle spread almost to the horizon, almost like a little village and of it’s time and was a widely recognised, welcoming shared meeting point.

None of this will be in written records – most of what is written is very logical; facts about size, structure and shape are documented along with data on archaeological findings in and around these sites, leading historians to ‘piece together’ the past. By default this is done in the mind of current man’s thinking, abilities and scope of creative mind, using gathered data; rather than remembering the Stone’s energetic state and stories that these earth energies wish to share with us if we spend the time and energy to move into their being-state.

My own training in Conservation and Restoration (the cleaning, restoring, researching part of artefacts) - the middle-man between archaeologists digging it up and curators sharing it in the museum, left me more confused and dis-orientated about how we approach our past and how we endeavour to learn and preserve it for the future. Significantly how the Iceman’s stomach contents forced historians to adjust the timelines of Stone/Iron and Bronze Ages. How we try to understand the building of the pyramids with the technology we have at the moment is akin to me trying to perform an intricate operation at a surgical level using a plastic spoon. How much are we missing by only using a small part of our thinking and only a fraction of our DNA ? How can we suggest that we are evolved at our highest form when there are millions of years behind us?

We are short-changing our ancestor’s wisdom, insight, energies, multi-dimensions and inter-galactic connections when we use only our conscious state to understand, as well as missing out on our own potential to learn more about the universe and everything in it, including ourselves. The paradox of history: that if we stopped ‘trying’ to understand what went before us, and truly listened to our deepest knowledge we would instinctively know our past.

Spend the time learning how to listen and connect with these ancient Presences; they help us to remember ourselves, our past and indeed how to proceed for our future.

We can learn a lot from these patient, wise Beings and it’s fully accessible to us all if we want. Go on. You will love it.

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