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Lemurian and Trovak Healing

Trovak (TM) Energy: Life on YOUR Terms

Start: Tuesday October 13th 2020 and SECOND TUESDAY of every month (you can book in Events page too)


WHAT IS LEMURIA? Lemuria was an ancient time before Atlantis, where beings were so energetically light they had no 3d bodies and communicated by telepathy. Their energy was pure & loving


WHAT IS TROVAK? Trovak is a unique, powerful vibraton that cuts through density without discussion: human words and explanations are too heavy to define Trovak energy. It's like a laser beam cutting and releasing. Trovak takes the wool off your eyes, allowing you to hear and align with your purpose without interruption, human emotional doubts or interference.


Trovak was channelled to Nitya in 2016 and is such a high vibration that during Nitya's private healing time with Trovak, space ships visited and uncloaked to learn from Trovak - all in a peaceful manner of course. Due to the nature of Trovak it requires individual's to have a high level of personal responsibilty; too much light in the wrong intention is like giving a 5 year old a high speed sports car !


To reach Trovak energy we need to gently 'climb' upwards to it's vibration, clearing as we go - since we often gather 'gunk' during our day; to go straight to Trovak energy would be a jolt to our systems!


To 'climb' we will be working with Divine Light, Nitya's light, Lemurian and Trovak energy alongside any guides that with to join us at that time from the entire universe. Intention is everything so enjoy the lighter, cleaner energies as we purify, release and settle into cleaner lifestyle.


REQUESTS If you wish for specific issues to be addressed add a note in your booking form, alternatively you can intend inside the meditation and they will be focussed upon. All energy balancing and healing will be done in accordance with Highest Good.


DURING SESSION Rest during the session if you can, or unable to then please go about your business as usual; healing will continue due to your commitment and intention regardless of where you are. There is no zoom link or group attendance for this type of healing. It's shared by our energetic intention.


AFTERCARE Please drink lots of clean water after to re-hydrate. Healing is a detox and may require rest and time to adjust to new vibration, please allow any emotions to gently be processed and remember to drink water !


***Remember also that this EMPOWERS YOU into your own MASTERY so there is a NEED to be more CONSCIOUS, have more CLARITY and LOVE in your movements and thoughts. In other words - be careful what you create !


When: Every SECOND TUESDAY of every month (book in Events page). 

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