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Lemurian and Trovak (TM) Energy Healing Course


Healing on YOUR Terms

Visit the 40th - 60th Dimension with Lemurian energy. Trovak (TM) energy is a clear crips energy offering you clarity, focus and purpose in your life in an extremely grounded and enlightened manner.


You will receive the energies, which will be with you for the rest of your life. Be shown how to work with them in your every day activites.

Travel across the third measure of energy connection. Access your multi-dimensional self and call in Guides, Angels, Elementals and any other Beings you choose to work with. Connect with Energy points on planet earth.

Master Lemurian and Trovak (TM) Energy - on YOUR terms

YOur Guide - Nitya is a Lemurian Elder and has been honoured to share Trovak (TM) Energy with us

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