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Road Crossing

Feeling stuck? Lost?


At a cross-roads in life? Unsure of direction?


Can you feel yourself 'opening up' and you're unsure how to navigate?

Is your Spiritual Journey painful just now?

Good Vibes


  • POWERFUL - energy healings seek and destroy energetic 'sore spots' and quickly heal giving you time to focus on what you want

  • FREEDOM - heal old family patterns, limiting and conditioned beliefs, guilt, trauma, past life patterns, addiction, low self esteem and self-care; more of you and less of other people's expectations

  • QUICK RESULTS - energy can be move faster now; what used to take years of work can move much more quickly and easily now letting go of issues swiftly, moving into wellbeing instantly

  • LIFELONG TOOLS - you'll be given an 'energetic toolkit' aiding your energy skills, maintaining for the rest of your life

  • BESPOKE - energy work tailored to your needs

  • TOGETHER - ongoing support from Nitya so you're always supported

Do you want to:

bring the MAGIC back into your life ?

live in CREATIVE manifesting energy?

move from fear into LOVE based living

connect & enhance life with CRYSTAL energy

be FREE of old patterns and outdated habits

live HAPPILY and guilt free ?

Blowing Confetti
Crab Nebula

Energy Healing Private Package

Your Package

  • 6 weeks of ongoing support tailored to your needs and the direction you wish to take in life

  • 2 x Energy healings from Nitya: the first at the beginning of the 6 weeks with the  second any time you wish inside your Package. (third and additional healings are at 20% off normal energy healing price) 

  • 6 x hour-long zoom/telephone conversations to support, 'tune-up' energy changes, advice and reassurance on any energetics happening with adjustments, if required, in specific areas

  • LIFELONG Energy Techniques taught to you including: energy protection & strengthening, connecting with crystals, working with Guides to name a few, all tailored to your specific needs

  • 1 x Home / Space Clearing Session 

  • GIFT PACK Energy and Space cleansing Gift Pack posted to you

Your Investment

TRANSFORM energy into that MAGICAL CREATIVE spark
LOVE life again, clear blockages to SMOOTH life's road
NEW ENERGY and Direction in 6 weeks with a 
TOOLKIT for life

CRYSTAL connection

1. 1x payment in FULL - £300

1. 1x payment in FULL - £300


Save £120
when bought
as a Package




£300 full payment



£200 deposit plus £110

Using a Touch Phone

How do I start ?

Contact Nitya
for an informal chat 

Let's go

Confirm payment and a start date Simple.
Relax and enjoy the benefits

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