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Energy Healing


Energy Healing – In person 

The Healing consists of clearing your energy fields: blockages, limiting beliefs, DNA, conditioning, patterns, past life concerns, and any other imbalances in your mental, physical, emotional and intuitive energy fields. These are removed in layers, and each most often unearths another layer of imbalances ready for removal. The healing is at a Soul level and will be guided by your own Soul’s requirements: each healing is individual.

Any Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Elementals, Earth Energies, Stone Circles, Crystal Energies or any other Energies who wish to work with you at the time are welcomed in.

You are fully clothed on a massage couch with a blanket over you. This is a non-contact healing and I will be ‘sweeping’ my hands around your physical body.

Total 45 minutes. 

Energy Healing – Distance

Location is not an issue and if you can’t meet me in person then I can offer you a Distance Healing at a mutually convenient time.

Using the same techniques as the In-person Energy Healing we simply allow the Healing energies to travel through distance and time.


What’s Involved:

We would have an initial telephone conversation to pinpoint your concerns and the healing required. Approx 10 minutes

The session would be at a mutually agreeable time. During the healing I recommend you relax on the sofa, or in bed. We advise no driving, no work that requires concentration and avoid any interruptions during this process so you can fully relax and immerse in the wonderful healing energies.  This would be lasting 40 minutes.

Afterwards another telephone chat to discuss what was unearthed and shifted by the healing with suggestions for how best to proceed for a vibrant future. Approx 10 minutes

Total 60 minutes.

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