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5 Crystal Facts

crystals personalities


💎1. Crystals often know us better than we know ourselves. They connect with your heart energy, not logic, and feel the true essence of where our imbalances lie. You may be intuitively drawn to a crystal and when you research it, it’s exactly what you need for your healing journey.

💎2. Crystals are never fully clean or untouched when you first receive them. There is always a supply chain involved in mining, distributing, wrapping, handling your crystal. Remember to clean your crystal for your own good, and even better buy from highly ethical stockists who have such great energy of their own for your supply chain

💎3. Crystals have personalities. Much like ourselves, they are funny, mischievous, grumpy, tired, need rest and love to chat

💎4. Crystals are your friends. They are forever loving you without conditions.

💎5. Crystals aren’t healing you. Crystals are inviting you to remember your Multi-Dimensional self, to cleanse and raise vibration, heal yourself as you return to your Divine molecular structure and Highest Crystalline consciousness.

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