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Ayurveda: Nature’s Rhythm

Ancient Indian wisdom following the rhythm of seasons, life stages and environment using awareness, fluidity and diet for optimum health and balance

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Makes so much sense and explains a lot of things I thought were random
Indian Spices
Lots to incorporate

Do you know why you instinctively want to cosy up in cold weather? to eat ice-cream in hot weather? Why some people like a hectic busy life and others more suited to gentle pace? Why one person can cope with a lot of stress and others can't in the same circumstances.

It's related to our internal balance. 

By the end of this course you will:


- have a firm grasp of your constitution, any imbalances you have,

- how to rectify your health and wellbeing, with steps to continually monitor, tweak and nourish yourself as life and nature changes in and around us.

- be able to ‘hear’ changes quickly and respond accordingly in a loving, nurturing manner.  


On the day you will learn how three systems interplay in your life:

- in your mind and body 

- in seasons,

- times,

- in diet  

- life stages

- lifestyle choices,

- understand and recognise both negative and positive forces at play inside ourselves and tell tale signs

- Q+A’s

Food: Discovering the six tastes to keep your system in balance:

- six tastes

- recommended foods 

- what to avoid and add, when to adjust

- food tasting in the workshop aiding your use of flavours to alleviate, stimulate and soothe. Try all the foods, flavours, herbs and spices and watch your responses


Lifestyle: Learn how to rectify imbalances:


- be given simple yoga and breathing exercises for each system and support of health

- learn the different meditation techniques, exercise, health and lifestyle tweaks to keep you well as life and nature evolves.

Ayurveda is Sanskrit for ‘The Science of Life’  on the understanding that health and wellbeing is an intricate, wonderful balance of nature, nurture, seasons and positive change to keep us following our natural rhythm empowering us to our optimum health, awareness and lifepath.

​​3.5 hours


Visit our Events page to find the next class,  Contact me if you would like a workshop in your area

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