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Neti pot nasal cleansing

Nasal cleansing the ayurvedic way

Neti pot nasal cleansing

An ayurvedic cleansing routine:

- unblocks a stuffy nose
- clears out mucous from nasal passage
- reduces mucous in head, may reduce headaches and migraines
- combats sinus irritation and sensitivity
- reduces nasal allergies and reactions
- improves and clears breathing, may alleviate asthmatic symptoms
- strengthens immunity against colds and flu
- improved sense of smell
- improved sleep

Using a neti pot, much like a wee aladdin’s lamp filled with sterilised water and a very small amount of salt (since we have salt in our blood it will be in our nasal blood vessels avoiding abrasion)

I love my neti pot using it regularly for cleansing my nose, head and reducing an overall stuffy, blocked feeling as I continue on my cleansing journey. It’s a great way to start the day with a clear head and sharp focus. I notice it allows even deeper cleansing of my congested head as time progresses.

here is a video showing how it works

Use your neti pot first thing in the morning before eating with cleansed water and pink himalayan or organic celtic salt, not table salt or salts with additives. It can also be used ad-hoc if you are blocked up with a cold or sinus infection.

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