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Improving My Eye Health

improved eyesight two stages in two years

Improving My Eye Health

Being told your eye sight is deteriorating with no hope of improvement can be devastating. Two years ago my optician told me I had eye issues commonplace to ‘those my age’ !, that my short-sightedness would create worsening eye health, that I should invest in varifocals. The thought of these generalised ‘tick boxes’ shaping my health and vision didn’t sit well with me at all; this future looked bleak.

Yesterday’s eye consultation confirmed my eyesight has IMPROVED by two grades. What changed.

Here are some practices I have applied the last few years:

• EYE EXERCISES – move eyes mimicking the second hand ‘ticking around a clock face’. First look up at ‘12’, then move to 1, 2, 3 and so on. Repeat three times around the ‘clock’. Reverse from 12, 11, 10 etc for three times around the clock.
• LYMPHATIC CLEANSING of head, sinus, nasal passages to encourage cleaner head health. Neti pot cleansing (sinuses), hot and cold shower over head (to stimulate lymphatic movement), ear candling
• ELECTROLYTES – pranic rich fresh fruit and vegetables packed with electrolytes, encourage healthy strong brain and nerve connections
• ENZYMES – healthy gut bacteria limits bacteria, pathogens and toxins travelling around the body. Prebiotic and Probiotic foods, Living Foods and fresh pranic foods hold enzymes.
• BLUE LIGHT FILTER - on phone and computer avoids tired eyes, ensures brain hormones regulation. I use
• CANDLE GAZING (TRATAK) – a yogic candle gazing technique – stare unblinking at a lit candle, with dimmed lights. Your eyes may start to water, which is cleansing bacteria from eyes and muscles working
• BLOOD HEALTH - cleansing to encourage more oxygenated blood circulating around organs, tissues and cells. Wheatgrass ‘shots’ each morning are the richest source of oxygen and cleansing for the blood
• BOWEL HEALTH - cleansing with healthy fresh fruit and vegetables, avoiding dairy, meat, processed foods, late eating, smoking, alcohol. Regular fasting, juicing and coffee enemas.

Please note this article shares my experiences and healing journey and not to be taken as medical advice or prescription. You are responsible for your healthcare and each individual is on their own healing journey.

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