108 tips to wellbeing

Easy, step by step tips to a better quality of life

Get Well and Stay Well

This is a comprehensive list of simple steps to strengthen yourself against illness and disease. To help you make informed and conscious choices that suit your wellbeing. Remember it’s not a race. Aim for a few changes until you feel comfortable with them, then add in a few more, before you know it you will be feeling better and more energised. A quick guide allowing you to explore in more depth at leisure. This list is only suggestions, please seek medical advice if you have specific ailments or are on medication.

In no particular order:
1. Water – if our plants need watering to live, remember that you too need water to live and thrive. Not only are our internal organs affected by dehydration, the quality of water is important also. Aim for clean water.
2. Breath well – pranayama strengthens the pranic energy in our body. Simple breathing exercise. Thoracic breathing
3. Raise your Vibration – illness and disease cannot function in a higher vibration
4. Eat well – fresh fruit and veg, organic if possible, reduce processed foods, salts, sugars, caffeine, carbonated drinks. Sounds like a lot but take it one step at a time. You will feel the benefits and Mother Nature has it all growing fresh for us.
5. Sleep Well – a good night’s sleep works wonders. Our body, digestion and immune system gets time to rest and recover whilst we are asleep.
6. Digestion – eat mindfully, chew and give yourself time to enjoy your food, make mealtimes restful. Try not to over-eat, or late at night,
7. Choose Love, not fear – Fear lowers your vibrational frequency
8. Lymphatic Drainage – the sewer system of our bodies our lymphatic system cleans our blood whilst removing bacteria, toxins and foreign particles out of our body. It has no pump like a heart so needs a massage or stimulation. Try a lymphatic massage, trampolining
9. Vitamin c – strengthens immune system and supports iron absorption
10. Blue screen filter on gadgets, some can be set to come on in the evening
11. Positive affirmations – think positive, feel positive
12. Mindfulness – another name for ‘presence’ in any moment. An ability to be fully aware and conscious of now. Not thinking ahead or of the past but fully, consciously present in NOW.
13. Get to Know who you Really are – this requires a lot of unravelling who we think we are.
14. Yes and No – learn when to say No to others and yes to your needs and more importantly learn what your needs are
15. Get out doors – in nature and reconnect, fresh air, countryside, birds, wildlife. Heaven
16. Learn to love yourself – it’s not a race to perfection. Be happy in your skin
17. Alcohol in moderation, and omit fully if possible. Nothing in excess is good for us. Alcohol is mostly a chemical concoction.
18. Exercise – it doesn’t have to be a year’s gym membership. A simple walk in nature, some yoga stretches or taking the stairs instead of the lift.
19. Nurture Inner Child – listen to the hurt, wounded, delicate ‘child’ in you. Not the ‘you’re a baby’ name-calling type of child, but the gentle, soul…..
20. Plants – they breathe in pollutants and breathe out oxygen for us . Fantastic
21. Juice. Real juice from fresh organic fruit and vegetables. It goes straight into our bloodstream with little digestion and the body loves us for it.
22. Green Beauty – get chemical free on your skin and body routine. Everything from moisturiser, toothpaste, deodorant
23. Shadow-work – face your biggest fears before they run your life
24. Forgive yourself – no-one is perfect. Get up again and keep going.
25. Hot water and lemon – every morning to flush out the toxins that were dislodging during sleep, aids lymphatic movement and generally refreshing.
26. Abundance mindset – you are worth it.
27. Stub out smoking – or at least cut down if possible
28. Quality friend time – good friends, the ones that let you be your fun, quirky, self
29. Try something new – step out of your comfort zone, stretch your perspective and learn how resilient you can be. I’m not suggesting you start extreme sports, get a tattoo or hang out with Hell’s Angels,
30. Journal – get your thoughts and feelings ‘out of your system’ and onto paper. It releases them, you get a fresh perspective and insight not to mention the opportunity to create new realities
31. Clean and balance your chakras
32. Paint – get creative. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s about expressing yourself
33. Dance – get your jiggy on, move, dance and get your heart pumping
34. Ego check – this is an ongoing one, as we develop more of ourselves we see our ego, then we ‘tame’ it, then we feel we have it under control which is another form of ego. Keep checking in on your ego. Life will continue to give you opportunities to see and subdue ego, remember symptoms of an over inflated ego must be processed out, not supressed in.
35. Ground – connect with and ‘earth’ yourself to the planet. Walk barefoot in nature, in the sea, buy a grounding mat,
36. Salt baths – salt baths cleanse and rebalance your auric fields. You will feel your self back to normal after a salt bath. Use Pink Himalayan salt or organic salts (table salt has chemicals added)
37. Speak kindly to yourself – you deserve it.
38. Au naturale – more eco friendly cleaning products in your home
39. Organic – chemical free. A week organic eating reduces glyphosate in the body ...so quick !!
40. Rewire your brain – deeply entrenched habits and routines are inside brain synapses and neurons. By rewiring our brain we encourage new synapses to form imagine how strange it feels when we stir our tea with the less dominant hand well, that’s exactly how habits are changed. Try a new route to work,
41. Less is more – de clutter and feel less distracted, de-motivated and de-moralised. Clean, organised spaces ensures clarity, peace and confidence.
42. Deadline free – do it for the fun of it, the enjoyment, get creative
43. Service/karma yoga/volunteer – offer your time and energy for free to others. You’d be surprised how good it makes you feel.
44. Crystals, protection, healing, cleansing – get your hippy on, connect with the metaphysical, esoteric.
45. Be Responsible – clean up after yourself, manage your emotions responsibly, consider others. This doesn’t mean be a doormat
46. Be Accountable – have the strength to hold your hand up and say ‘yes…’
47. salt lamps – reduce electrostatic ‘smog’ from gadgets, alleviate respiratory ailments, reduce negative ions in atmosphere,
48. Gratitude – feel fortunate for what you do have, and you will attract more to be grateful for.
49. Develop an inquisitive mind – the world is a wonderful place to explore, get curious and creative with.
50. Unplug – can you? Turn off the gadgets, internet router, phones and listen to the silence, All that noise and static is a constant background noise. You’d be surprised how different the world sounds, and you may hear your own sense more.
51. Meditation – tons of different types, walking, silence, chanting, you can find you tube meditations, local groups and training methods
52. Raise your consciousness – frequency and vibration. Open your eyes, connect with your fellow man.
53. Detox – it’s a lifetimes journey to detox out the toxins we have put in our body over our life. Everything from foods, drinks, alcohol, smoking, environmental pollutants, amalgam fillings, thought patterns, negative self talk, poor quality friends,
54. Alkalise – it keeps our body in balance. Yes we need to have acidity in the body stomach acid, blood ph but too much acidity creates disease. Try to move your diet towards alkaline foods to keep the acidity down.
55. Integrity – do what is right even when no-one is looking, bit firstly know what is right. Develop discriminating enquiry
56. Sound healing – singing bowls, tuning forks, chanting
57. Bend like a tree in the wind – any tree that’s too rigid breaks and snaps in the first wind.
58. Granny’s remedies – in the ‘olden days’ access to medicines and healthcare was limited. There were always ways to utilise foodstuffs to alleviate symptoms. I’m not saying disregard medical advice, absolutely not, I’m suggesting utilising easy at-hand solutions around the home. For example I have childhood memories of alleviating a sore throat by gargling warm salty water (dissolve a tablespoon of Himalayan salt in warm water), stuffy noses and sinus congestion were relieved with putting our head over a bowl of boiling water with essential oils in it. Explore poultices,
59. Manifest aka Cosmic ordering – become a creator of your own life, not a victim of circumstance.
60. Swap salt out – ideally reduce your salt intake. We do need some salt in our diet which we can often find in our foods however white table salt chemicals and stringent cleaning before it reaches your table. Swap for more natural and un-altered organic sea salts, or pink Himalayan salt.
61. Wheatgrass – the sunshine plant
62. Time out – know when to give yourself a full ‘time out’, by this I mean deep rest. A rest of quality and substance by eating nourishing foods, getting out in nature
63. Ayurveda – learn your dosha, ojas
64. Amalgams out – metal fillings leech toxins with every chew. Imagine this over decades of your life. Don’t panic, just take your time.
65. Fluoride out – calcifies the pineal gland
66. Make peace with your past – anger, resentment create acidity in the body, not forgetting an unsettled mind and heart. You deserve to be at peace
67. Addictions – re connect with who YOU are. Addiction is a lack of connection so get on a Steps Programme or Wellbeing Practice, do the shadow work and learn how to re-connect. The rewards are worth it.
68. Emf protection – crystals (eg shungite), EMF protection equipment, strengthen immunity, nature,
69. Community clean up – growing in popularity and sadly, in need, we have more communities pulling together to clean up beaches, parklands, natural walkways.
70. Crystals –
71. Dairy free – diary is mucous forming which attacks the body and creates acidity in the body
72. Spine health – exercise and stretch to strengthen your spine out. The synovial fluid and blood as well as keeping vertebrae
73. Dream big – You are a powerful being
74. Herbs – get deep into our system and heal us wonderfully well
75. Synchronicities – life is a magical dance when we engage with the universe – watch for signs and synchronicities to lead you and keep you on the right track.
76. Healthy fats – keeping your internal organs safe, not the unhealthy fats that clog your arteries.
77. Strengthen your core – the core and spine are intrinsically linked with health. When one is weak the other takes the strain.
78. Unplug – regularly have gadget free time. Learn to enjoy the quiet, it can show you how busy your mind is and what is on your mind.
79. Animal time – our animal friends really help us to unwind, they have a lot of unconditional love to give. If you don’t have any then go to the park, listen to the birds, watch the squirrels play
80. Chanting – a spiritual practice of sound repetition chanting ancient Sanskrit
81. Love your planet and start to make more conscious consumption. Reduce your impact on your environment, start with small simple steps. You can get apps that help you track progress.
82. Research – don’t believe everything you see and read in the media. Less than 6 companies own all the worlds’ media, with large corporations pushing their own agenda we are always being ‘sold’ something. Remember advertisers don’t want you to be happy; it doesn’t make you spend. So research ethics, morality, who funds advertising and ask yourself if it really aligns with your needs.
83. Grow your own – food and herbs – as nature intended
84. Barter projects – join an exchange project to encourage and participate in value rather than price.
85. Make do and mend – we have more than enough already don’t we. Learn how to cherish what you have and care for it over time.
86. Ethical shopping – support fairwages, treatment and working contracts for your fellow man.
87. Develop a spiritual practice – this doesn’t have to be a 6am start of two-hours of chanting, but more a Universal viewpoint that we are all interlinked
88. Learn to listen – listen without response or viewpoint. Listen and you will hear oh so much more.
89. Effective communication -
90. Anger channelling -
91. Well groomed – this is another form of self-care – you deserve clothes that make you feel good, that fit well, that are clean. It doesn’t mean to be pompous or overly proud, but you deserve to feel fab
92. Sacred space – make your home and environment a lovely inviting and uplifting space
93. Listen to your instincts – gut always knows best
94. natural melatonin and seratonin, to sleep well, regulate mood, hormones
95. Chlorella – detox heavy metals out, especially if you have had metal fillings and vaccines.
96. Fast – regular digestive rest allows body to remove deep seated toxins
97. Laugh – laugh till you cry, it releases endorphins
98. Be happy in your own skin
99. Question everything you think you know – critical thinking
100. Connect with angels, AA, guides
101. Be instead of Do
102. Brain balancing – we are all dominant in either left or right brain. Balancing exercises will encourage new synapse connections.
103. Make room for your future. If you are holding on too tight to the past, ie wardrobe clothes etc then you aren’t making room for your future.
104. Read the Desiderata
105. Read more, read outside your usual genres.
106. Switch off the TV – it’s not called a programme for nothing !
107. Colour therapy – brighten up
108. don’t dye – ditch the hair dye.


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