It's all Expansion, not Contraction



Channelled in November 2016


Channelled in November 2016
Well, post-11/11 and what a crazy one that was, (speaking politely)
The New World is inside us all. Energy is everything and now more so than ever we have latent abilities opening up to us daily. Our true, full, multi-dimensional potential is accessible in every moment. I knew this before but fully realise that now:
- We communicate via 'feelings'.
- We tune into the I AM and Higher Self of people,
- We connect via the heart with others.
- We heal with Light, energy and positive intention.
- We use energy to bring closer or distance ourselves. Through visualisation, intention and love love love.
- Think telepathy, knowing, astral travel, dreamwork, soul embodiment
The past few months I'm aware I've been slowly, steadily removing my information, identity and such like from all areas of my life. Much deeper than the 'clear out your wardrobe' and the 'less is more' behaviours we perpetuate I've simply followed what feels right - feels in the core to be right without question. My need to remove personal data from facebook has felt absolutely correct. My 'lack? of concern if someone doesn't resonate with me and becomes hostile is also noted, which hasn't concerned me and I have allowed their disengagement from me with ease and grace. Meticulously picking through my entire Being to eek out anything that creates disturbance. With no malice but approaching from a loving space. I speak less (great news to many haha) so that I can hear more.
These actions have been of EXPANSION and not CONTRACTION. Pure Light energy with love and Divine intentions. It's a deeper level of withdrawal from 3D 'hooks'.
At times I see those around me unable to understand and consider it slightly wreckless. Why aren't you posting on facebook?, 'I couldn't do this/that', 'I need this/that', My choices are based on heart-space wellbeing, on keeping my energy stable. There's little scope now for straying from this equilibrium recently.
Today it finally dawned on me. This is all 3D patterning. The past few months my body, life, mind and Soul have been through tremendous change, recalibration, surrender and hey, lets not kid ourselves....pain. I can only eat very lightly (Light filled). The masculine energies are waaay more balanced within me (less needy and 'help-less'), the Universe has me well and truly cradled at all times (trust and flow), and now, all I feel that the correct path is to work with keeping light, clear, harmonious energies. Anything outwith this feels draining (very quickly). Using linear (mind) and reason 'processing' seems ill-fitting and only utilising the clarity of (heart) energy inward bound and outward bound is all I can hear/feel.
Why? - well I realised that I engage with SO many people dear to me in higher dimensions. Through the third eye and the heart. I feel people connect with me on the astral realms. I send (and receive) love and guidance through energy healing modalities, tools and practices. We all have these abilities, but perhaps what I'm saying is they seem to be an integral, more concrete ! (not the best or lightest word), daily use in my life. Imagine when you first learn to drive, or first learn your's challenging, it needs your full attention. You need to start at the beginning, to find the middle, and then the end. Then later, with familiarity, you are able to jump in and out, find what you need instantly and travel around the alphabet with ease, to drive your car without thinking too much. Well, that is the balance of firmly planted 'feet' in both 3D and 5D...and the (perceived) imbalance is when 5D actions are only perceived in the 3D.
Accessing these levels of functioning more easily, instantly and daily there is much less ceremony, or quiet meditation time (although quiet meditation is excellent) and can be applied whilst getting dressed in the morning, whilst brushing my teethe for example.
But know, my dear friends, that we are all there together in the 5D, some more so than others (and I'm still working on it too). One relationship has been extremely challenging - in it's absence paradoxically - but taught me greatly so I thank it also for the huge growth lessons. And not forgetting my beautiful supportive friends who ebb and flow with me at all times.
Often we forget that the answers aren't outside of ourselves, because
a) they aren't our answers and
b)only we can discover them. (but it's always nice to connect with like minded Souls) and
c) Everyone has all the answers to the entire Universe if only they are ready to discover.
I'd also like to add d) 3D is gone....dead and gone. As Mother Earth has her final purges to 5D I'd say we are also sitting in 7D and Higher at times. The third eye and heart are the new communication mediums,