The powerful protective shungite energy stone, EMF, radiation and electrical smog neutraliser. This is a hugely effective stone so please, if you are unfamiliar with them allow them to acclimatise in your home - carry them in your bag, leave them on the table until you are used to the high vibration, and then, when you feel ready, add them to your wrist and enjoy their protective and cleansing energies.  


- Choose small shungite mixed with a crystal of your choice

- Choose your bracelet cord

- Choose your knot - single or adjustable

- All crystals are cleansed, made with love


Shungite / EMF Protection SMALL

Choose your cord colour
crystal type
knot type
  • Gift Wrapping is available for £1.00

  • Due to personalisation these cannot be returned unless proven to be faulty. Please contact me to discuss

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