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Your friend: Gut Instinct

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Well, where do I start?

Prompted by a nifty piece of Webdesign software encouraging me to write a blog, 'connect with your customer' and 'share your message' all sounds very twee yet apt. It makes me reflect on how I got to this point.

yeah, er, 'how did I get to this point?'

I can sum it up for you in one word: 'gut instincts'. (that's two words, I know)

Everyone has it, gut instincts. Everyone has experienced it; trusting your sixth sense to steer you in one direction when the brain is screaming 'no way jose'! Everyone has had the internal battle of rationalising reason versus raw animal radar.

Yet you do. You act upon your instincts. You 'Do or Die'.

The fire inside the feeling is so fierce and strong you just KNOW it's the right thing to do. Often with little idea of how it's going to play out, where it's going to take you and what you'll do when you get there. You just TRUST that your internal radar knows what it's doing and has your best interests at heart.

I'd say that's pretty much steered the major decision making in my life over the last decade and a half. The gargantuan change I've participated in has been softened with the core feeling it's my REAL TRUTH. Acknowledging that NOT following this instinctual path would create more self harm and harsh lessons along the way, and it would lead to the same outcome anyway, but just take much longer.

Change is hugely underestimated. At first it seems quite daunting and unwelcome. It sounds like 'Hey, why rock the boat?', 'We are happy where we are right?' and 'Everything is going grand yeah?'

Hmmm I'm not convinced by that at all.

The 'comfortable discomfort' is a numbness, a familiar misery that sometimes needs a *wee* help from the universe to kick our lazy butts forward into a better world and version of ourselves.

That's what your gut instinct is doing for you too.

It's taking you in directions you wouldn't normally go. Similarly to taking a different route to the shops. You know one way off by heart, not thinking, not looking around you. Then *BOOM*, your instincts say 'let's try a new way'. something you've not done before. Let's exercise muscles you haven't flexed for a while. The emotional muscles of fear transmuting into faith, of the unknown becoming a comfortable personal growth zone. The mental muscles and negative self talk of 'I can't' evolving into 'I can' and further into 'I AM'. The physical muscles of knowing when to keep going and when to rest and recuperate.

Learn to listen to your gut. It's there for a reason (pun intended).

Following my gut has given me a wonderful son, husband and business wrapped up in high quality relationships, friendships, love for myself and ability to say Yes (or No) without feeling guilty. My gut has created effortless change, surrender and joyful surprise all in one swift moment.

Trust your Gut. Trust Change. GO for it. xxxx

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