Meet Nitya

Nitya is Founder and Director of The Natural Wellbeing Academy based in Perthshire, Scotland.


Nitya facilitates people back to wellbeing; to help them find themselves and live their fullest potential, all through natural, authentic methods that are easily integrated into daily life.

Her formula to wellbeing, over decades of experience is ;

Flying Bird

Integrity - Empowerment - Growth

Integrity to fearlessly live the authentic truth of who we are

Empowerment to be true to who you are, which, by nature opens opportunity for others into empowerment

Growth in all areas as we embody these practices

Nitya works with the 'Spirit' of the person, aiding conscious, heart-based living; making life more meaningful and fulfilling. There's enough to go around in the world; the old 'dog-eat-dog' paradigm has no place in wellbeing


Nitya goes to the 'seed' of the issue, not papering over the cracks for it to appear somewhere else in the future

Her methodology helps people understand and heal themselves in a compassionate manner, with clients finding relief from anxiety, depression, inner child issues, trauma, addictions, low self-esteem, 


Nitya enjoys the lineage of ancient holistic practices with tutors embodying integrity: Maharishi Mahesh Yogai, Baba Ji, Sivananda and is drawn to Indian practices of ayurveda, vedic astrology and chanting and is keen to integrate and share natural methods appropriate to modern living. Her choice of Schools and Tutors embody this practice with the most recent addition, studying with The School of Natural Medicine.












She has early childhood memories of channelling and telepathy, is an Energy Healer Practitioner and Teacher Trainer, Crystal Healer, Yoga Siromani, and Reflexologist. She learnt Transcendental Meditation (T.M) in 1986.


Spiritually she works as an empath, channel, psychic, medium, is a Lemurian elder, works with Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Galactic Beings, brought a new vibration Trovak (TM) energy to people, works with Lady Gaia, Stone Circles, ancient monuments and any other landmarks which connect with her.


She continues her energy work transforming fear-based living into healing, connected, loving vibrations – within herself, her business and her clients.


Incorporating natural living is becoming more relevant and precious. 


Kriyas (purification) during Sivananda Teacher Training (left), Free Hugs (middle)
Standing Stones (right)


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"Wellbeing is a journey of expansion, harmony

and love"