Meet Nitya

Nitya is Founder and Director of Nitya Wellbeing based in Perthshire, Scotland.


The ethos of Nitya's work has always been to facilitate everyone back to wellbeing. To help them find their Soul's calling and live their fullest potential using natural, authentic methods that an be easily accessed and integrated into daily life. This can be as diverse as direct Energy Healing work through to supportive cleansing tools and techniques and all natural and non-invasive, just simple, easy to integrate teachings.

Nitya can work in person or remotely


Energy Balancing:

(which both involve elements of Auric Clearing, DNA  Upgrade, Past Life Clearing, Intuitive Healing,  Psychic, Channelling, Crystal Healing, Empath support and clearing limiting Beliefs/Conditioning)



Practitioner Training:

About Nitya

Nitya's path has always led to natural spiritual work with early memories of channelling, telepathy and manifestation skills. Her sessions are individually tailored, receiving guidance in a highly intuitive way for the client in that moment. She has experience in Shadow-work, Soul Attachments, Addictions, Empath skills


Having now embodied her Higher Self, working from her crystalline heart she works by transmuting fear layers into unconditional love (for Self and others) and can include:


- healing energy imbalances (in mental, physical, emotional and intuitive fields)

- chakra balancing,

- releasing past life issues,

- overcoming childhood trauma

- relief from anxiety and depression

- alleviate insomnia, lethargy and worry
- greater peace, clarity and direction in life


To live, love, and flourish from the heart.


Nitya also works with Lemurian Light, Crystal Wisdom, Ascended Masters, Spirit, Lady Gaia and any others who choose to work with her at that time.  She is a Lemurian Elder and is now honoured with sharing new Trovak (TM) Energy Healing with us all.  Most of her work is in the 40th - 60th Dimension and continues to expand. She also brings the Crystals: Connect & Commune Course (TM), Empath Mastery Programme (TM) and Steps to Wellbeing Workshop. 

Nitya has been practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) since 1986, a Sivananda Yoga Teacher since 2008 which led to qualifications in Reflexology, Swedish Back Massage and then found her 'calling' in Energy Healing work offering New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation (NPMDT), Lemurian Healing and Trovak Healing (TM).  She has been offering Holistic Services since 2006.

What next ?

Wellbeing is an ongoing journey and much like peeling back the layers of an onion we keep unearthing more and more to work on, develop and offer to others.


Nitya is currently expanding her Products and Services offering more natural, affordable and authentic choices to be added into our everyday lives, and let's not forget that she is on her own Wellbeing journey too :-) 


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