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Type, Teaching & Temperament

The variations in crystals explained



You know me, I’m always singing the praises of crystal’s personalities. Yet they can be categorised even more to help you with your crystal use, connection and healing process.


Take these three crystals. At first glance you'd say 'blue crystals’, At second sighting you could label the three types of crystal: a turquoise meditation necklace, a blue lace agate tumblestone and a blue obsidian tumblestone.

Traditionally, all three, due to the blue colour, are associated with the ‘throat chakra', to communication, self expression and speaking your truth. As the throat is above the heart chakra, having processed heart-based emotions, we can say it’s related to heart-felt interactions and honest communication.

However each brings it’s own qualities to the throat chakra as much as we have different forms and needs in our communications with ourself and others.


Go deeper, and you learn the strength of each; Blue Obsidian is a very direct, forth-right and often controversial level of ‘speaking your truth’; turquoise is clear and concise energy with a great connection to our Highest calling; blue lace agate holds a tender, gentle connection for us to work amongst others with.

Each crystal teaches us how to access their resources in a variety of manners in this case the blue crystals offer variations of the communication theme. The key is to know what you need, and which crystal to work with at the time. This can be learned but ultimately it’s an experiential journey due to the individual nature of ourselves and crystals, which we will discuss more below.


Crystals, as much as human beings, have personalities. Each crystal, regardless of the type or the teaching has a unique way of delivering and showing up in the world alongside us. Some are loving, kind, gentle, persuasive, others are more direct and forthright, some are often grumpy, fed-up depending on what is happening in their and our lives, some are itching to work, some want to play, and some want to mix both work and play.

Listen to your connection with your crystals. Hear what the crystal personality is sharing with you. Use your heart energy, devoid of ego and expectation to sense what the crystal has to offer us.

Remember crystals always want the best for us. They connect with your vibration and intention.

Fascinating...and fun

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