Type, Teaching & Temperament

The variations in crystals briefly explained


Crystals: Type, Teaching & Temperament

You know me, I’m always singing the praises of crystal’s personalities. Yet they can be categorised even more than the TYPE or 'name' eg rose quarz, lapis lazuli

Take these three crystals. At first glance you'd say 'blue crystals for the throat chakra', then you may dig deeper and label the three types of crystal, and their qualities; turquoise, blue lace agate and blue obsidian to be precise

Go deeper, and you learn the strength of each - having worn these myself many years ago around my throat I can confirm that one is for gently speaking, another for healthier self assured communication and third is direct almost shouty-sweary type communication. Very controversial. That is what they were TEACHING me.

It was interesting to learn how to work with each, prompting me to choose wisely before I left the house. The same goes for any crystal.

Listen to your connection with your crystals.

But wait - even more. Crystals have personalities after the TYPE (of crystal) and what it's TEACHING ME (relationship with ourselves) there is also TEMPERAMENT (of individual personality. I’ve had bossy crystals, mischievous crystals, grumpy ones, just like the foibles of us humans yetmroe fun and loving.
Fascinating...and fun