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Crystal Healer

An in-depth, experiential course opening you up to the Inspiring and Deeply Transformational

world of Crystalline Frequencies gaining a Professional Qualification as a Crystal Healer Practitioner.

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Befriend and nurture these 'treasures of Mother Earth' as your friends, confidantes, healers, allies and aides into the New World Frequencies we are now living in. ​Learn and use Crystal Wisdom to heal yourself and others. ​Learn and access natural non-invasive healing. Understand and live in harmonic vibrations. Continually upgrade your skills. Start a new career in Crystal Healing.

💎Connect to crystal skills, insight, techniques and technologies

💎Crystal grids, pendulums, chakra healing

💎How to care for and clean crystals safely

💎Develop your own crystal connections and distance healing

💎Knowledge to heal yourself and others using crystals

💎Skills to navigate ascension and energetic upgrades/ 3D & 5D

💎Experiential Practice with crystals, crystal tools, chakra balancing and energy healing

💎2 x Crystal Activations, 2 x Energy Cleansing

💎Kundalini energy, Nadis & Prana

💎Navigate energy and quickly clean imbalances

💎Select your core crystal 'set' for personal and professional use

💎Theory and study of future crystalline energies

💎Business Skills, Training, Setting up a Practice and Ethics

💎ongoing support

💎6 month's course with assignments submitted for each module 

💎Complementary Medicine Association Accredited

Green Agate
  • Crystals in History

  • Crystalline Structure and Consciousness

  • About Crystals and their Energy

  • Energetic Balance and Imbalance

  • Kundalini Energy, Nadis and Prana

  • Ascension, £D & 5D

  • Types, Teaching and Temperament of Crystals

  • Frequency & Vibration

  • Crystal Industry

  • Business training

  • extensive resources list

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Pendulums

  • Crystal Grids

  • Crystal Connections

  • Keeping Crystals Clean

  • Troubleshooting

  • Crystals for Ailments

  • Distance Crystal Healing

  • Listening Skills

  • Instincts & Discernment

  • Setting up your Practice

  • two Crystal Activations

  • two Crystal Healings

  • Practical experiential exercises

  • chakra awareness

  • ascensions skills

  • ongoing energy upgrades

  • Crystal Healer certification

  • start a new career

  • add to your Holistic Practice

  • enjoy your Crystal Connection

  • Complementary Medicine Association Accredited

  • ongoing support

Course Content





  • individuals wishing to start a new career in Crystal Healing and Complementary Therapies,

  • Complementary Therapists wishing to add to their Holistic Services skills,

  • those wishing to deepen their personal knowledge of crystals and crystalline living

  • those wishing to heal themselves at a deeper level

Suited to:

6 month course = £400/450

1 reduced payment of £400 or 6 monthly payments of £75
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Your Guide

With decades of crystal experience, channelling and connections as your guide I've activated Crystals around the globe, share crystalline energy supporting others into higher frequencies, healthier living and vocational career paths.  

I'm well versed with transitioning towards crystalline energetic healing frequencies, awakening 'sleeping' crystals and healing myself, others and Mother Earth.

I'm a Lemurian Elder, Crystal Healer, Energy Healer, Healing Diets Coach, Yoga Siromani, Reflexologist and in 2014 founded and ran a pioneering Healing Centre and Crystal Shop in Scotland helping thousands of clients through energetic shifts.

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