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5 D Living

safely navigate ascension into the new world

Learn who, what and where you are in the new energies for the new world

​The Wellbeing Immersion workshop is a pre-requisite to this 5D Living Immersion due to the breadth and depth of information and experiences in each course. Please attend the Wellbeing Immersion before this event


On the day you will learn:

  • what Ascension is and is not

  • about 3D, 4D and 5D

  • about frequency, vibration, dimensions and energetic states

  • your own energetic state, tools to strengthen, soften and remain fluid in environmental change

  • understand upcoming changes to ourselves and humanity

  • learn about the New Earth that is already here and how to access it

  • spiritual housekeeping

This is an experiential day, you will:

  • navigate ascension symptoms safely

  • work with energy fields

  • learn about yours and other’s energy fields

  • how to keep energy clean, clear and protected

  • navigate 3D energy and living well

  • navigate 5D energy, 5D Living and what you can do to make the most of life

  • gentle yoga based movements to loosen off the physical body

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • understand your personal journey through ascension into the New World

  • learn how to smoothly navigate any ascension symptoms

  • know how to achieve 5D living; what to keep and what to release for this to happen

  • attract like minded people

  • know how to keep your energy fields clean and clear

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a blanket and yoga mat if you have (some yoga mats will be provided). Herbal teas, drinks and snacks will be provided. Please bring a light vegetarian lunch. We will be moving lots of spiritual energy so ensure you are hydrated.

7 hours

Visit our Events page to join or Contact me to arrange your own

Your host

Nitya is a yoga siromani, energy healer, lemurian elder and crystal healer. She has decades of experience in sharing energy tools and spiritual housekeeping skills to support natural wellbeing.

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